Doll for Lauren's birthday

I started to make a doll for my GD Lauren’s birthday on Sept 23rd, but started it too late to make it in time, so since I was already gonna be late with it, I scrapped the one I “was” making and decided to ho full out and make her a special doll with all the frills. I finished the doll a couple of days ago. Right now she is under wraps and tucked away on the top shelf of my closet waiting for her forever home which will be when it is safe for my son to pick it up.

Anyway, she was worth the work I had to put into her. She is 23 inches tall. Her hair, skirt and ruffles are crocheted, the rest of her is knitted: body, head, arms, hands, legs, and shoes are knitted.


She’s precious!

How charming!

What a little treasure!

Oh my goodness! I love her! How precious.

She’s fantastic! I love her dress.

Thank you all, yes, she is a little cutie and also a lotta work! My GD is so excited to get her!!