Dramatic book scene contest entry!

Old post - please see update in replies!!!

One of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy authors (Peter V Brett, the Demon Cycle books) has a new novel coming out soon. To celebrate, he put on a contest for advanced read copies. The guidelines were very loose, just a dramatic re-creation of any scene in his books. I decided to crochet my scene. I’ve wanted to make a crochet version of this rock demon for years, but always put it off. The contest was the stimulus I needed!

Some details: the demon’s arm gets cut off in the story so of course I made it removable, with magnets! His tail and the boy’s arms & legs are wired so they can be posed.

I tagged the author in my post on my Facebook page and he liked my photos and commented on the post, saying it was amazing! I was overjoyed! Even if I don’t win a prize, I am so jazzed that he liked my project :star_struck:

A few more pics:


This is so clever. I hope you win

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Thats such a great interpretations. I love that your did it in yarn. Very creative.

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This is amazing! So fun and clever to crochet your scene and then the magnetic arms… BRILLIANT!

So awesome! And dramatic! Good luck in the contest.

Not only are your dolls made incredibly well, you made a fantastically dramatic scene and had a super clever design. I’m so glad the author commented. It’s nice when someone you love so much appreciates your art.

I really hope you win too. You deserve it! :heart::heart::heart:


This is awesome and so creative! I hope you win!

That is rad! What a great spin on the book scene.

How wonderful!
You made an amazing scene. And how great that the author commented on it!

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You should totally win!!!

Great adaptation!

Wow! Cool translation into yarn. Very creative with the magnets. :slight_smile:

Congrats! Your Dramatic Book Scene is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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Wow, this is so wonderful! It’s clear that a whole lot of work went into this, and there are so many great details! No wonder the author said they’re amazing - they are!

Guess what! I’m one of the winners! He called my entry one of his absolute favorites :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yay, congratulations!

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That is AWESOME! So glad you won!!!

No kidding you won and as a fave, this is EPIC!

This is brilliant! Congratulations!!

The detachable arms with magnets is amazing! Your crochet tension is so tight! Gray job! I bet it was thrilling to have the author acknowledge your work! And the photography is so moody and chilling! \m/