Dropping a Deuce Tea Towel

My bestie has a a chicken coop that is one of her dog’s pooping spots. We were talking on the phone one day and she said, “There’s goes the dog, dropping a deuce by the chicken coop.” We laughed so hard and I said, “That needs to be stitched up.” So…I stitched it up for her birthday. Ladies and gents, you’re welcome.


ha ha ha What a inside joke you share so beautifully!

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That chicken looks so proud. LOL! The tea towel is funny and well-executed.

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Hahahaha…all kinds of awesome!

That’s hilarious!
Great stitching!

Thank you, that is my giant cackle of the day! :joy:

Y’all, I laughed so hard when I opened up this tea towel! Both the memory and that jaunty looking chicken! Here is a close up of the GORGEOUS stitching!

PS Our coop has no chickens.


But lots of deuces. :rofl:

The entire time I was stitching this up I was giggling.


Two many deuces.

see what I did there?

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