Dye transformation

A few months ago. I made this white dress from a boho skirt and hand crocheted doilies

But I haven’t worn it because I’d look like the star of a beach wedding.

So I dyed it blue (the only dye I had).

I planned to do an ombre effect, but it seemed to grab the dye so fast, I just dunked and rinsed–I didn’t want navy!
Fortunately, it lightened up to a great faded denim blue, and I’m going to wear it today.

I also dipped a couple of pink garments in the dye, and got great purples. I buy pink, but don’t like to wear it, so now I’ve got three new garments!


It looks really pretty!

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Awesome! A little dye fixes everything!

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Great reclamation of these textiles!

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The colour is fabulous, looks great!

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Thanks, all!
It looked fab with opalite jewelry!

It looks like a completely new dress. I agree that the all white looked like wedding attire. The blue gives it a more casual and laidback effect.


It looks great!

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Love this style–it looks like several tunics/dresses on my Pinterest board. :slight_smile: I like the blue…I have some to dye a dress but haven’t wanted to tackle the project. This is inspiring me to give it a go.

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Give it a shot. What’s the worst that can happen?

  1. you dye your hands blue because you didn’t wear gloves. A little bleach will take it off; clean the bathtub and you’re back to normal.
  2. the dye comes out uneven. Turn a bug into a feature by tie dying on top with a darker color.
  3. you hate the finished color. Bleach it out and try again. Still don’t like it? Donate it. You didn’t like the garment anyway, or you wouldn’t have dyed it.
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Good points! :slight_smile: