Easy bulletin board

Working from home now and needed a quicky bulletin board, similar to my company office. I had a canvas on a wood frame of a an etsy downladed image that didn’t turn out very well. But it was the perfect size for a bulletin board. I simply cut a piece of corrugated cardboard just slightly smaller than the canvas and tucked it between the wood frame and the canvas. I added clips with pin backs to hold memos…and done. You could also paint a canvas (if the paint isn’t too thick) or cover with a pretty fabric, anything you want. if the edges look bumpy, you could apply ribbon or washi. It is really meeting my needs. bboard


Great idea! Turned out great!

And, welcome!!!

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Welcome, and wonderful bulletin board!

Welcome to Lettuce Craft! And, what a great way to take a less than perfect project and turn it into something useful. I’ve never seen clips with pin backs before. Where did you find them? Sometimes, I want to put things on a bulletin board, but I don’t want to put holes in the, so clips would be a perfect solution!

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Welcome! Looks amazing.

Thanks! I was going crazy without a place to attach my little notes, I think canvases on wood frames are so versatile. I found those clips, surprisingly, at Dollar Tree! I had never seen them either. And luckily DT is still open during the shutdown.

Thanks! I’ll have to look the next time I’m in there.