End of year Teachers MUST be thirsty!

So My children go to a small Catholic school with only 16 kids per grade. The school does an awesome job and its like a small family! The teachers and staff all know us and do many things with us out side school. I make them all Christmas presents and had to follow through with end of year gifts as well.

Each teacher and support staff (even the lunch ladies) Got a glitter coated wine glass! I added bottles of wine, truffles, book marks and such. Here some of the pics!

I used vinyl on the bottom of each to have a personal message or image. Then coated with mod podge and glitter. Then I coated each with triple thick to seal. I then cut vinyl stencils and etched each glass. I had also made beer mugs for the guys and added some cans of craft beers to their packages


They turned out so lovely! You truly have gone beyond the “appreciate teachers”! I love how each wine glass hides a special image…such a clever extra!

Also, thanks for sharing your process…especially how to tame the glitter!


You are such a wonderful parent for the staff at that school! Such thoughtful and personalized gifts! I know they’ll be much appreciated!


They turned out so great! I love this idea.

Great gift ideas!

These are really pretty! I love the Simba at the bottom of the glass.

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What a thoughtful and thorough teacher appreciation gift project!

Thanks all! They loved them!! Of course my daughter walks in and informs the entire school “All the women get bottles of wine!!! Guys you just got some beer in there”


They look fantastic !