Everyday Holidays Craftalong Summer 2024 (July 1st through September 30th)

Photo of sunglasses on a mound of sand on a beach. The sea is out of focus in the background. Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash.

:tada: Welcome to the Everyday Holidays Craftalong for Summer 2024!

Runs July 1st through September 30th,2024

Everyday Holidays are a way to add some joy to our lives and learn something new every day. Please note that there are also observations and commemorations in the mix, because all emotions are valid.

What is this craftalong?

The “Everyday Holidays” craftalong is a way to find inspiration for your crafting. You can use the topics as prompts for your artsy explorations, or simply to learn something new. You can use any topic for any craft during the entirety of the season—the craft does not have to be done on the same day as the holiday that was used for inspiration. As long as it’s within the season, it’s fine.

How do I participate?

The whole concept of “Everyday Holidays” can get overwhelming, because there are so many of them. So don’t feel like you have to do something every day. Instead, use the prompts that speak to you and go from there. To participate, just make a craft inspired by any of the Everyday Holidays listed for the season, and post it using the template below.

The “Rules”

“Rules” is in quotation marks because this is meant to be a laid-back, no pressure, just post when and how you feel like it kind of craftalong.

Having said that, as with every other craftalong, all community guidelines apply.

Important note: You don’t need to do something on the actual day of the holiday. As long as the holiday and craft happen during the season posted, it’s valid :heart:. So for example, I could make something inspired by a January 1st holiday on February 4th, and it would still be fine, because both dates are within the winter season.

When posting, please mention what holiday the post is for (just the title is fine, no need to include the date), and tell us a little bit about how you made your craft. Simple as that.

You are allowed and encouraged to post the same projects here that you have posted elsewhere on the site, whether as their own posts or for other craftalongs.

Also, you’re encouraged to post about celebrating the holidays even if you didn’t make anything (e.g. it’s OK to share that you’ve watched a movie for a certain day).

The Points

We’re keeping things simple for this craftalong. You get:

1 point for every project you post.

The Holidays & Observances

If you would like to see a spreadsheet for holidays for the entire year, you can see the shared Google Sheet.

Holidays and observances for each month will be posted in separate replies below, and each list will have some resources and ideas on how to celebrate. I intend on continuing to add to these as the years go by.

Where did the holidays come from?

I didn’t make these up, though many other people may have, and that’s the beauty of celebrating each day :blush:. I gathered these holidays from the following websites:

National Day Calendar

Time and Date

I have taken the liberty to adapt some of the holiday names. For example, because we are an international community, I removed “national” from any holiday titles. I have also added things here and there to make some holidays more accessible (for example “running day” became “running, walking, or any other exercise day.”)


:gift: Prizes :gift:

I’ll be crafting a few things to send to the winner of the games.
Because I’m in Canada and shipping can be quite costly, the prize items will be paper-based for now. I hope to expand this in the future.

I’ll post a picture once I’m finished creating the prizes. Please stay tuned.

Who is eligible to win the prize?

Everyone who has posted at least 3 projects in this thread and commented on at least 3 projects by others by the last day of the season will be entered into a random draw for the prize.

This craftalong ends on September 30th at 11:59 p.m. EST. Please post all your projects prior to this time.

:inbox_tray: :gift: Entering the Prize Draw :inbox_tray:

Please PM LindyBlues with the following by 11:59 PM EST ont he last day of the season:

I attest that I have posted at least 3 projects this season: YES/NO

I attest that I have commented on at least 3 projects by others this season: YES/NO

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Participant Tracking

For now, we’re not going to have teams. If more people join us, this may change. I’ll keep track of participants here. As soon as you’ve posted your first project, you’re entered as a participant, and you’ll be listed here, along with your points, so you can see them in real time.

Participant List & Points Tracking

Participant Points
@Mightymitochondria 1

:tada: The Holidays & Observances: JULY :tada:

:calendar: July Monthly Holidays

Name of Holiday Resources Ideas
Cell Phone Courtesy Month Cell Phone Etiquette (article from The Spruce) Use your phone to connect with others and do a virtual crafting session
Rules for Using Your Cell Phone at Work (post from The Balance Careers) Make a phone carrier
7 Easy Rules of Mobile Phone Etiquette (post on National Day Calendar) Make a jogging belt that can hold and support your phone
Is Your Phone Disconnecting You From the World? (older article directed at teens from Good Choices Good Life website; still relevant.) Put your phone on silet and focus on your current crafting project for at least 15 minutes without phone interruptions
Picnic Month 80 Picnic Food Ideas to Pack in Your Basket (article from Taste of Home) Invent a new picnic sandwich
30 Picnic Ideas for Kids (post on Taming Twins blog) Weave a picnic basket
How To Successfully Picnic Solo (post on Grace Belle blog) Create a gift basket with a picnic theme
Make Winter Better with an Indoor Picnic. You Just Need 7 Things. (article from Kitchn) Make a picnic tablecloth
IIndependent Retailer Month Decorate a picnic table
Blueberry Month
Contract Sewing Month
Anti-Boredom Month
Baked Bean Month
Culinary Arts Month
Grilling Month
Hemp Month
Horseradish Month
Hot Dog Month
Ice Cream Month
Fragile X Awareness Month
Peach Month
Watercolour Month
Disability Pride Month

more resources and ideas to come

:calendar: July Weekly Holidays

Week Name of Holiday Resources Ideas
Last full week of July Moth Week Moths Page on Smithsonian Website Draw, paint, or otherwise illustrate a moth
Moth Entry on Britannica Create a moth-friendly garden
How can you tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth? (page on Library of Congress [US] website) Create a zine about moths and how they help the environment
What are the Differences Between Butterflies and Moths? (page on Australian Museum website) Write a poem about moths
7 Things You Don’t Know About Moths, But Should (article on LiveScience) Create a moth-motif piece of clothing or an accessory
Moth Pollination (page on U.S. Forest Service website
Moth Activities for Kids: Everything you need to get started! (post on Mother Natured blog)

more to come

:tada: July (rotating) Daily Holidays

Day Name of Holiday Resources Ideas
First Saturday of Every Month Play Outside Day 21 Creative Outdoor Games for Families and Friends (post on Pint-Sized Treasures blog) 1. Play oustide using art: grab a giant roll of paper and splatter paint all over it. Use it later as wrapping paper, starting pieces for masterboards, etc.

2. Create two giant dice out of cardboard. Put numbers on one and activities on the other. Roll the number dice and the activity dice. You do the activity the number of times you roll.

3. Invent a new outdoor game
58 Fun and Engaging Outdoor Games for the Whole Family (post on Healthy Parenting Habits blog)
First Saturday of July Hop-a-Park Day (spend time at outdoor parks) Canada’s best and coolest playgrounds (post on Active for Life blog) 1. Make outdoor transient art

2. Create a new playground game

3. Paint rocks and hide them at parks for people to find
15 of the Best City Parks in America [US], article on Treehugger
Second Friday in July French Fry Day This is where the name French Fry Actually Comes From, plus the best places to eat French fries in each state, according to Mashed Try learning how to make poutine! It’s sort of French… (Quebecoise)
Third Saturday in July Toss away the could haves and should haves day Start a whole new art/craft project and forget about the ones you could have or should have done!
Third Sunday in July Ice Cream Day Try making your own ice cream, topping favourite ice cream with a homemade chocolate sauce, or creating a dessert with ice cream as its centre
Fourth Thursday in July Refreshment Day Create a new menu of go-to quick bites for the next time you need to serve refreshments
Last Thursday in July Intern Day Create a new office-friendly outfit

more to come

:tada: July Daily Holidays

1 Canada Day

International Joke Day

International Reggae Day

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Dau

Gingersnap Day

Postal Worker Day

U.S. Postage Stamp Day
2 World UFO Day

Anisette (liqueur) Day
3 International Drop a Rock Day (paint a rock and hide it)

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Chocolate Wafer Day

Compliment Your Mirror Day

Eat Your Beans Day

Fried Clam Day
4 Alice in Wonderland Day

U.S.A. Independence Day

Barbecued Spareribs Day

Caesar Salad Day

5 Apple Turnover Day

Bikini Day

Graham Cracker Day

Hawaii Day

Workaholics Day
6 International Kissing Day

Fried Chicken Day

Hand Roll (sushi) Day
7 World Chocolate Day

Global Forgiveness Day

Dive Bar Day

Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

Macaroni Day

Strawberry Sundae Day
8 Chocolate with Almonds Day

Freezer Pop Day
9 Sugar Cookie Day
10 Global Energy Independence Day

Clerihew (poem style) Day

Kitten Day

Pina Colada Day
11 Pet Photo Day

Blueberry Muffin Day

Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Mojito Day

Rainier Cherry Day
12 Malala Day

Eat Your Jello Day

Different Coloured Eyes Day

Pecan Pie Day

Simplicity Day

Paper Bag Day

13 Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

Beans ‘N’ Franks Day

Delaware Day

French Fry Day

14 Grand Marnier Day

Mac & Cheese Day

Nude Day

Tape Measure Day
15 World Youth Skills Day

Give Something Away Day

Gummi Worm Day

I Love Horses Day

Pet Fire Safety Day

Tapioca Pudding Day
16 World Snake Day

Corn Fritters Day

Personal Chef’s Day

17 World Emoji Day

World Day for International Criminal Justice

Lottery Day

Peach Ice Cream Day

Tattoo Day

Yellow Pig Day (celebrates the number 17 and its significance to mathematics)

Wrong Way Corrigan Day (transatlantic flight of Irish-American pilot Douglas Corrigan)

18 Nelson Mandela International Day

World Listening Day

Caviar Day

Sour Candy Day

19 International Retainer Day

Daiquiri Day

Words With Friends (game) Day
20 International Chess Day

World Jump Day

Fortune Cookie Day

Lollipop Day

Moon Day

Pennsylvania Day
21 Lamington Day (Australia)

Be Someone Day

Junk Food Day

22 Fragile X Awareness Day

Hammock Day

Mango Day

Penuche Fudge Day

Ratcatcher’s Day
23 World Sjogren’s Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Vanilla Ice Cream Day
24 International Self-Care Day

Amelia Earhart Day

Cousins Day

Drive-Thru Day

Tequila Day

Thermal Engineer Day
25 Hire a Veteran Day

Hot Fudge Sundae Day

Merry-Go Round Day

Threading the Needle Day

Wine and Cheese Day
26 All or Nothing Day

Aunt and Uncle’s Day

Bagelfest Day

Coffee Milkshake Day

Disability Independence Day
27 Crème Brulée Day

Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

Love is Kind Day

New Jersey Day

Scotch Day
28 World Hepatitis Day

World Conservation Day

Buffalo Soldiers Day

Milk Chocolate Day

Waterpark Day

29 International Tiger Day

Chicken Wing Day

Lasagna Day

Lipstick Day

LindyBlues and Carlsky’s wedding anniversary (2006)
30 International Day of Friendship

International Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Cheesecake Day

Father-in-Law Day

Whistleblower Day
31 World Ranger Day

Avocado Day

Mutt Day

Raspberry Cake Day

:books: :bulb: Resources and Ideas for July Daily Holidays

more to come

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August Monthly holidays

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August Weekly Holidays

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August Daily Holidays 1

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August Daily Holidays 1

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August Daily Holidays 2

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September Monthly holidays

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This is a great idea. Thank you!

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You’re welcome :heart: I’m working on adding things now because July 1st is a holiday here, so I probably won’t have time on Monday :blush:

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:tada: Happy Independence Day

to all my friends south of the border.

How will you be celebrating today?

July 4th is also:

Alice in Wonderland Day

Barbecued Spareribs Day

Caesar Salad Day

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