Evolution of a cloud painting

In my quest to finish some long time hanging around paintings this year (quite honestly I thought I would be much more prolific sigh…) I think I’ve finally finished this 2.5 year many layered 2ft by 3 ft piece for over my bed. I started this painting in early 2018, repainted it once then stuck it in time out because I totally wasn’t digging it. It was a long time out because I completely forgot about it haha

not a fan of the tree/plant thing or the big green space

tree thing gone but still not liking it, so into time out it went

big change/paintover time!

roughing in clouds, after taking the picture I see how weird the right side is and my inadvertent mimicking of the 2 top cloud lines

I think it might be done now but am going to look away for a few days and then see if it needs anything else like random charcoal scribbles :laughing: The moral of this painting story is keep on painting until you have something you like!


What a transformation!

I love how it has evolved over time.
Perhaps it’ll be one of those pieces that never really get finished…you could hang it up now and somewhere down the road add more if it feels right to do so :slight_smile:

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I love paintings of clouds! They’re so much more complex than people think with their various shapes and shades of blue-grey-white during the day, never mind their colorful hues during a sunrise or sunset, and the way they glow in the moonlight, or how darkly mysterious they can be on a moonless night. I love a landscape that has an ample view of the cloud-filled sky, with a hint of shoreline, field, trees, or even distant mountains to provide a sense of scale to the often overlooked grandeur of clouds.

All of that to say, I love your painting, and the way it transformed. The layers, even those hidden, give the painting weight and emotion. There’s a sense of darkness being overwhelmed by light as the clouds roll and swirl across the canvas.

I do love it indeed…


Your painting of a cloud is amazing :heart_eyes:

I second every word of this. It was so worth keeping at the layers to reach this painting!


what an upgrade

I keep imagining different forms and shapes in the clouds. Lovely!

I love this so very much!

The last picture of your painting is really pretty!!! I like it!!!

This is lovely! I’m glad you didn’t give up on it!


I really like this! It is calming and yet so powerful at the same time.

Not just painting, but any original creation can evolve. Some of my favorite pieces ended up very different from what I started.

The art process often takes us on a journey of discovery. I love looking at clouds. It’s fun to see what I can find hidden in your clouds.

Congrats! Your Evolution of a Cloud Painting is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Definitely an upgrade.

The colors just make me sigh with happiness. Your cloud work is ON POINT.