[Experiment] Knitting Tentacles

First Experiment : Long tentacles.

  1. Since I have trouble with knitting in the round with anything less than 2 sts per double point needle, I’m going to attempt…Attempt…Knitting 6 around on 5 mm double point needles, for about 5 rows. Then I’ll thread a different color yarn through and tie off. Then I’ll thread the three 3.75mm needles through the tie off with three stitches to be worked on.
  2. Each single stitch increase will be at the 8th row, and the 3.75mm needles will be replaced with 4.0mm needles at the 16th row. With 4.5mm replacing those at the 32nd row…

Hoe lee flounders, this is going to be interesting.

Now a little break before I start this kerfluffle.

Update 1: nope! That ain’t going to work.

Update 2: The smallest I’m able to go with worsted weight would be fine for maybe a 3 foot tall ammonite…(the image is almost 2 inches long). so I’ll give a try with some finger weight that I have and see if I can get it any smaller. (my tore bicep is hurting beyond what I can take, so I’m stopping here for now).

Update 3:
Ok, I figured it out. I just have to start with the big end (which means adding stuffing and/or pipe cleaners would be a little more difficult). Either way, with the length, it’d make it easier to knit the 3 around…Maybe two if I can pull that trick, heh.

The image: At the first decrease, from 6 around to 5.

Update 4:

Finished the 3rd update and it is a resounding success. This is how I’ll make the tentacles, and I will NOT make another large ammonite any time soon. Oh my zucchini, that was a pain, and I stopped at half the length needed.

Welp, I did learn you can knit two in the round, and once I got a rythm going, it did get easier.


For smaller tentacles, I found taking a 3.5 mm crochet hook and casting on whatever number I need almost to the maximum tightness I can get them (enough that a tapestry needle can still be inserted through each stitch). Then I pull the end tight, and weave that end through each stitch of the tentacle so one side has two strands of yarn.