Eye spy bags

This one was for a swap at the old site.

Here are all the treasures I put inside.

This one was for my little girl when she was very young, she recently wanted to cut it open to have all the teeny things for her doll house.

I gave it to her with the following poem:

In this eye spy bag you will find
A pink shoe, an orange ball, a purple baby bottle and that’s not all
A butterfly that’s orange and black
A turtle with a tangerine coloured shell on it’s back
From the sky, a purple star
A pair of brown glasses to help you see far
A fish that’s pink and green
The sweetest ballerina you’ve ever seen
A big red heart, a lemon that’s tart
A small orange heart too
And half a watermelon just for you!
Sure hope you had fun. If you’ve found every one, you are all done!


Great job!

I bought one years ago at a craft fair and now want to make one for my oldest grand daughter as part of a quiet book I’m hoping to make this year.

What did you use for the window area?


Clear plastic from the hardware store. I have part of a roll & would be happy to sent you some if you like. I have literally had it for years! I’ll let you know the best ways to sew it as well, it sticks to the machine & presser foot but there are techniques to make it easier.

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These look so fun!



A lady I know buys it from Joanns. But it seems like a marketing ploy to me, and the same thing can be found in any of the Big Box stores.

I love the poem the most. You’re so extra in the best way possible!


Ya, the hardware store has it by the foot in different thicknesses. I get double sided carpet tape there too, the stuff in the craft store is about 1000xs the price, lol.

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