F**K off Flower

Soooo… I did this a couple of years ago as a project to pass the time while my hubs was away on business. It has a tiny bit of a back story, one of girlfriends was harassed at her job and essentially, nothing really happened to her harasser so… F* off… I can craft out my anger sometimes.

Here is the part that doesn’t need a spoiler:

I designed the flower in illustrator and added the text from one of my fonts. I was going for an Alphonse Mucha style flowers and text. I held the fabric up to my computer monitor and traced it onto some cream fabric.

Here is an in progress shot:

just a simple running stitch…

And the final shebang…

I think it’s still sitting in a box but I decided to upload it to my redbubble store in case someone else was angry too :wink:


This is great!

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So great.

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Love it.

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It gets the point across! Ha! I love the font style vs the flower. They work perfectly together.

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