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Post your goodies here!

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Oh good! I was about to ask if this was up yet. :grin:

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And here’s what came in the mail from @susieoregon!


I’m glad it arrived!

It got here just fine… but now I am debating whether these are really going to be journal pages, or if I need to make them into wall hangings! :grin:

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OOO go for it. It would be like framing an illustration or quote from a book. Fabric journal pages are just an excuse to play with fabric and create cool things after all. At least it is for me.


Yay!! First post. Lovely items.

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Oooo. I love that tree!!!

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Look at this beautiful page from @marionberries!

I love everything about it. Rainbow mountains of Peru. Stunning.

Back just because:

Thank you so much, my friend!


WOW! I can’t believe it arrived in one day. And what a fantastic page!
Well done!

So pretty - what a great idea and execution!

Thank you, I had lots of fun figuring this one out. And the cat kept stealing balls of yarn so I would have to stop and track them down.

Very cool! It reminds me of road cuts with interesting rocks. :green_heart:

I received from @Abbeeroad a beautiful snow scene. It has beaded snow and the textures are wonderful. I keep petting the snow in the foreground. And the moon is just perfect. Thank you.

And then a bonus, a mask badge/ornament. I’ve made so many masks for hospital, clinics, and daycare so this makes me very happy, it’s an ongoing labor of love for the community.



Yay!! I’m so glad you like it! I had a mental block once I made the white background. Something about a blank white space staring back at you…but I got there in the end.

And I know no extras but I couldn’t resist. I had made that one when I made the others and it was just sitting around. You have been an awesome contributor to your community and the mask-along so I was really just sending it to its rightful owner. :wink:

So pretty! The yarn detail at the bottom works really well.

I received from @Smmarrt today. I love celestial bodies and these are perfect.

Thank you!!

(Also, I took French in school so I’m especially partial to that detail.)

Thank you so much. I love them!


I tried twice to make barn owls but I am not a gifted embroiderer. So I stuck to something I can do and that is sew, sew, sew.

Enjoy and thanks for swapping.

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