Fastest, easiest fitted face mask pattern tutorial

Here’s mine! I made the large size at the scale that I printed it out. It fits me well, I think. I like that it doesn’t go high up on my face- I was wearing one before that was hitting the bottom of my eyes.

The directions were great! I missed a couple of steps, but I was sewing another style at the same time. When I looked back at the directions, it made perfect sense :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! It fits you great! I first make the HK pattern but it’s flatter across the top and I found where it hit the eye uncomfortable too. The craftpassion mask had a good nose curve but the flat bottom doesn’t cup the face for a good seal. And so many have a folded over elastic channel that is way too thick. This one fixes all those things for me.

Do you use google drive or Dropbox or another file storage site at all? If you use gmail, you should have a few gigs of free google drive storage. You could upload a PDF and post a link here.

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I forgot to mention that I didn’t put a wire in- we didn’t have any. But, it fits so well, I don’t think I need one. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you have answered this yet, but does the time it takes to make them include ironing the interfacing and cutting?

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Yes! From start to finish, 20 mins, even the smallest size which is a bit trickier to turn only took an extra 3 minutes. Edel says she’s making them in 10-15, she leaves out pinning and ironing and the edge stitching on the centre front. I think it’s that fast because there is only the one line of stitching to finish.

@craftADDchick did you see where I made nose wire out of a pie plate?

@photojenn I don’t use gmail. I will ask some more tech minded friends if there’s some other way to do it.

This looks like a fabulous method! Thanks for sharing the pattern and great instructions. I am going to make one tomorrow.

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Thanks for the pattern!!

I’m currently working on one for beardy husband, but it’s kind of a hot mess, so I’m not sure I’ll be sharing a pattern for it! :joy:


Here’s a link to the PDF!


Thank you for putting up your pattern and directions! I tested it this weekend. I used thin fusible interfacing for 3, left 1 without, and left off the nose wires. Finished with jersey knit strips and squeeze toggles.

This is the first mask I’ve made that fits my boss (I tried 2 others on him already) and he can talk without it sliding off his face. If I make him another one though, I will create at XL size in this shape since it still rides a bit low on his nose. His is the one I left off interfacing as it needs to be worn during work in the greenhouse, which is very hot and sweaty.

I like that I can double up the fabric to cut the pieces, but this means I use up more of my fun fabrics. The other pattern I’ve been using can have plain lining, which is also nice for easily telling which is the inside if you have to take it off and put it back on.

When I make more masks, I think I will re-draw the craftpassion pattern to this shape since I’ve got a pretty good speedy method chain sewing those.


Excellent! That looks like a very good fit on you. A couple suggestions, one is to sew the channel for the elastic a bit closer to the edge. Because that seam allowance is just turned under, sewing in closer will keep it in place more securely, especially if the tie ever needs to be replaced. Second, for your boss I highly recommend the nose wire. It is what keeps the mask firmly in place on my man’s face and he is a big guy with a beard. Without a wire, any mask slides down on him.

I’m curious to know what you will do differently with the craftpassion mask that will make it faster, I hope you’ll share when you next sew some.

@Mountains_and_Clouds, your masks look great too! Does beardy man have a ZZ-Top thing going on? LOL!

@Kwality570 that you very much for putting the pattern on google drive, I really appreciate your help with this :slight_smile:

Hm I do see that channel measurement in the directions now that I reread. Why do we leave so much space for it on the first pass?

I will try one with a nose wire, but I’m worried that if it’s the thing holding the mask up then it will get uncomfortable when worn for a full workday. Does anyone else wear cloth masks for long periods?

I will take some process pictures next time I do a big batch! :slight_smile:

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You leave enough space to fit your finger inside to get the seam allowance to lay flat when turning. I did it a few times with less and it could be tricky. It’s totally ok if the SA pokes out when turning, you don’t have to be careful with that part and can turn quickly because it’s easy to readjust it with that amount of space. Stitching closer on the finishing helps it all stay in place inside.
I’m using a fairly soft wire, so far just 2 garbage ties together. It’s enough to hold the shape a bit, enough to keep things from sliding down too much too often. I didn’t include this in the instructions to as not to add another step that isn’t strictly necessary but I take care to lay the wire between the outside fabric and the seam allowance so there are a few layers of fabric between wire and face.

Sounds good, thank you!

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Love this pattern! And the technique especially, I was looking for something to speed up the process a bit and make the ends (towards the ears) nicer. I made two small sizes, and I have to admit I am really struggling to remember which side goes up as I didn’t use any wires with the jersey/elastic combo.

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Glad you tried it and it worked for you @anna.wahnsinn, I hope you will share your photos.
If you fold the mask with the curve and then fold again so the chin is towards the nose, you will see the nose bridge has a significantly higher curve and the chin curve is much more gentle. Put a small mark somewhere on the mask to indicate up from down.

OK, so this might be a daft question, but my brain has turned to mush from a few hours of grading student assessments online

If I want to make a different lining to front, I cut out four pieces, and add a SA, is there any issues with virus transmission with a seam down the front? I could iron an extra strip of interfacing on to counteract that I guess,

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There is already a seam down the front. I did read an article about this question, the opinion was there are a lot of layers of fabric there, enough to catch moisture from the wearer’s mouth. That’s all these fabric masks do, keep people from getting sick from anything the wearer has and possibly reduce the amount of stuff the wearer might breathe in.

And yes, just cut at the fold notch and redraft the pattern with a seam allowance. You may find turning the fold a bit trickier because there will be 4 layers of fabric rather than the usual 2. My advice is to press the side seam allowance OPEN after stitching that part. It is a bit more time but it will save you time later when you’re trying to get all that to lay flat inside after turning.

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Thanks for that honey, I am going to have to get making masks for us, No matter how much I don’t enjoy it. But I will use the good fabric :wink:


I’m working on another pattern that folds on the front rather than a seam so it will still only be 2 pieces of fabric, different outside and lining. It will have darts though, which means more sewing that this one but worth it if you are trying to save fabric. I’ll need a couple days to get it perfect though if you want to hold on a bit.

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