Feature Request - Member Signatures

It would be very cool to have signatures be a part of every member’s profile. As a member, you’d set it up on your profile, but it would appear with every post and reply that you make on the forum. This is great for people who have a favorite quote, want to have an easy link to their pinterest for swap partners, or want to advertise a swap they are organizing.


I need to post “Use the good beads” everywhere because that @Edel told me so and she knows of what she speaks, yo.


I’d love signatures too. it’s helpful for swaps and for username changes (to let us know the old name until we’re used to the new one) and all sorts of things. :slight_smile:

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Totally on board with adding a signatures feature! Many of us chose our same username here as we had on C-ster, but a lot of folkx have chosen anew for any number of reasons, but we don’t ‘know’ them here yet and this would help with that for sure :slight_smile:

I like this suggestion, especially so people can post their former names if they’ve changed them.

Until we get signatures, I just put my old username in the name box so if you click on my profile pic you can see my old username. :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea in the interim!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I actually love the idea of displaying former usernames for optional clarity, if someone has changed theirs in the move. I’ve just added the option for your former username (name) to appear with your posts.

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@kittykill @racky want to make sure you see this modification I enabled.

Awesome idea!

Fabulous! :blue_heart:

Wow, is there anything this site can’t do?!?

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As for signatures, I am open considering to the idea. I’m going to wait a bit to get settled in our new home before we put a lot of decor on the walls. Sometimes features are just a matter of what we are used to (so we miss them initially).

I’ll be fully open with you guys, too. I’ll share my logic behind not having them here initially.

I am very hesitant to install a signature module with our new site because it is much cleaner by design, especially for mobile functionality. The forum is designed to encourage reading and discussions as the #1 priority.

Signatures, for the most part, end up being a mix of links to external sites (self-promotion), quotes in really large, bold font, or random fluff. When those are inserted at the bottom of every single post, they are essentially a post of their own. They disrupt the natural flow of the conversation. It’s kind of like talking to someone in real life and, between every sentence you speak, some random dude pops up with a poster board that says, "~ - ~ LIVE LAUGH LOVE ~ - ~ In real life, it’s obviously a distraction [and you probably want to smack said dude]. In forum life, it still is, but you don’t realize it so much. Your eyes just bounce back and forth between the signatures and the post, and you are eventually trained to feel like it’s normal. Really, though, it’s just noise on the screen and quite strenuous on your eyeballs.

So there’s what’s happening in my brain on this currently. :blush:


I can see the logic behind that sweets. It could be a matter of us just getting used to checking a person’s profile for any additional information that we’re hoping to find that would traditionally be housed on a signature.

I can understand that too. The one thing I am thinking of is future STS swaps. We used to post our shop links in the signature. I have posted a test link in my profile, but it takes a few clicks (for me) to see it. Would it be possible to get it to show on the little profile popup box instead? So that when people click on my avatar they can see my STS link? (Also, having a separate issue with the popup boxes I will start a new thread on.)

And there might be another methods we can use for announcing new swaps, too – a whole new feature, perhaps! Threads like this will help me think outside the Cster box and really develop new, exciting options now that I’m allowed to. :no_mouth:

Or I might just add signatures later. :laughing:

Ah, this is so helpful! So for STS, why did they have to be in your signature as opposed to a directly of links post? Genuinely asking as I’ve never been in one. Talk to me like I’m really dumb (I am :laughing:) and explain the process in detail.

Sure! When we talked in the discussion thread we never had to remember to add a link to our shop with every post. It was just there. We could simply say “Hi, I’ve added a few new things to my shop!” and then people could find the shop link in our signatures. It was easier for both the poster (to not have to post a link every time) and the reader (to quickly hop over to the shop). :smiley:

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