Festive Basket of Balls

Earlier today I posted a basket woven from map-printed wrapping paper. I was inspired to make a festive version from holiday paper.

The basket is made from (terrible) gift wrap. Ugh, so flimsy and hard to work with! But I persisted.

The woven balls are made from cut- up gift bags.

First the basket.

Cutting the strips.

Weaving the bottom of the basket.

Establishing the corners.


Then the balls.


Very pretty and festive! Maybe I’ll try this. I have some old foil wrapping paper that is a bit more substantial than most modern ones.

I’m impressed you wrangled that gift wrap. It came out fabulous!


Fun and.festive, the silver and blue really pop. And kudos to you for persiting with the flimsy wrappi g paper…it gets thinner every year.