Feta n Spinach Rolls

Feta Spinach RollsG
Fresh out of the oven!
Got the frozen spinach out to defrost overnight 'cos I’d planned to make these first thing today, but the spinach was still frozen so had to wait to be able to drain it well enough. I ended up adding it to the pan with the onions to finish drying it out. Then had to wait longer for it to cool. Frustrating all 'round! But, now they are done and waiting to cool to be bagged and tagged for freezing.

This is another recipe where I use my homemade Cashew Butter instead of pine nuts or similar, because I have cashews on hand, whereas I don’t always have pine nuts in the pantry.

Feta Spinach Rolls
Makes 6 rolls. Can double the recipe for extras to freeze.
200 grams Feta
200 gms Frozen Spinach
2 eggs
1 onion chopped (can use frozen, remember it will take longer to cook than fresh & reduce moisture)
1 rounded teaspoon Salted Lemon - optional - might want to add a pinch of salt instead
2 tablespoons Cashew Butter - or nut butter/ crushed nuts of your choice
30gm Panko (breadcrumbs)
3 sheets ready rolled Puff Pastry (W’worths) cut in half - use the plastic backing to help with rolling.
Milk to glaze


  1. Remember to Preheat oven to 200°C. (400°F) before starting to mix the ingredients.
  2. Defrost spinach, squeeze, draining well. If isn’t dry enough, add to onion pan when onion nearly cooked to help with reducing moisture.
  3. Drain Feta if needed.
  4. Cook onions, and spinach if needing to, cool completely before adding to mixture.
  5. Add all ingredients to mixing bowl and beat well.
  6. Set out pastry sheets & sheets in half.
  7. Place about 2 tablespoons mixture down centre of each half, roll up, press gently to seal, turn sealed side down, & glaze with milk.
  8. Divide into 4 mini rolls without cutting right through - back of a knife blade works.
  9. Bake at 200 C until brown ~ 20 mins.
  10. Serve hot, or cool before storing. Store in your choice of bag or container for freezing. Defrost before re-heating completely through.

I do love the tiropitakias I just put in the puff pastries, fresh (light baked )spinach and feta cheese.(vegan of not)
Here make them in triangle forms.

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I do love pastry and missed it terribly when I learned how high carb it is and how small an amount I could have at 1 sitting.
So I copied and adapted another recipe to make these ones. Because I’m diabetic and control it with food (carb intake) I bulked them out with more protein and slightly different flavours.

The tiropitakias look so yummy and pretty, but I get tired standing too long, so take the short cut with the rolls. :smile:


Love this and that you are also planning meals ahead. I often eat higher calorie/carb foods because I don’t have things on hand or cooking becomes a major chore! Freezing options is a great idea!

They sound nutritious and delicious!

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mmm, those look good!

have you looked into “fathead” dough? It’s made with cheese; very low carb, but kind of high in calories.
here’s a pretzel recipe; I saw the video today, haven’t tried this one yet These Keto Pretzels Taste Better Than the Real Thing! - YouTube

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Yum! Looks like something I’d like to try. Thanks for the recipe!


I can honestly smell the deliciousness through my phone!

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Thank you for sharing that recipe, I’ve had a good look at the ingredients and bookmarked it. Checked out the recipe and although I’ll have to sub sugar for the inulin, the comments indicate that works, and also suggest it can be used as a pizza crust too. Thanks!

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Eating well enough for our individual reasons, whatever they might be, is all too often really hard! Due to food allergies and other health stuff, and few options where I actually live, it’s not an option for me to call up for a food delivery when I don’t feel like making something nutritious. Time, and pain from eating the things that affect me badly because I couldn’t be bothered to do better for myself has encouraged taught me to be organised ahead of time on the days when more is possible.

Food prep and sleep take up soooo much time that could be used for crafting! :rofl:


These look so yummy.

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