Finished my 100 Days of Tiny Costumes

The longest art challenge I’ve ever done, so I’m very proud that I got through it! I’ve seen some amazing movies that I’d never watched before.

You can see all of the individual pictures at Now, on to Inktober!


Oh Wow! Was each one based on a Movie? How big are they? I looked at your IG and they have so much tiny detail! Quite the dedication.

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Yup, each one is a costume from a movie.

Some were costumes I knew and loved already (Dionne’s suit and hat from Clueless, Deloris Van Cartier’s purple mink from Sister Act), others were from movies that I watched for the first time (Miss Juneteenth, Sidewalk Stories and Bessie were particular favourites).

I originally drew 30 tiny movie costumes as a mini sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project (the pages were only 2.33 x 1.66”), so I just continued drawing at that scale.


So amazing!

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These are phenomenal! So tiny and yet so detailed!

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Wow! What a fabulous collection!!

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I recognized the Cleopatra Jones outfit immediately! I loved that coat! I am getting a new shaggy vest this fall that reminds me of that coat…great job in picking the colors and details to make each outfit recognizable by movie lovers!

Just fantastic!

Ooooh, I’m jealous of your vest already! :smiley: