First Three Masks

My family has been feeling desperate to help out in this stressful times, so we decided to join the many many generous crafters making homemade masks for healthcare workers. We are about as amateur as you can get, but my parents and I teamed up into an assembly line, and so far we’ve made three masks to donate to local hospitals. These have filter pockets in the backs, and fabric ties so they can be laundered at the highest temp for sterilization. They’re all made of 100% cotton sheets rescued from my grandma’s old home. Hopefully we’ll get better at these as we make more!

Here’s the pattern we used:

It was pretty darn time consuming for our basic skill set, so we’ll probably use something else for ourselves and friends, and other people who don’t need a filter pocket.


What a wonderful family project…we all feel a bit helpless and this is a nice way to do something!

Thanks for the link…I made simpler masks for family and friends and patients, but there is still a need for health care workers.

I have tons of bias tape so, guess I will try these next.


Awesome, roler! I’m loving the community spirit with the pandemic, although I’m not loving the pandemic itself…! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m gonna try that pattern too, as soon as I finish up the umpteen masks I’ve already cut out for my kids and their families.


Heck yeah @roler! Well done. You should totally also submit them in the Lettuce Help Our Communities Challenge. My apologies, you totally already did!

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