Flouncy passion

Heeeey crafty peeps!!

Guess whose sewing machine and overlocker were begging for relief after sewing 12.5 metres of ruffle??? This gal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course since I didn’t use a pattern it’s only me that can be to blame for the length of flouncy ruffle I decided to add, lol. I had originally hoped to make a matching top as well (perhaps not to wear together tho, cos that’s a LOT of pattern!), but after deciding on and cutting the ruffle there really wasn’t much fabric left!!

I knew what I wanted to use this passionflower design fabric for as soon as I ordered it, I mean it’s so colourful and joyous and it had to be made into something twirly! :wink: After scouring my patterns for wrap skirts I liked in the style I had in mind though I decided that I’d just work it out myself. So I cut a circle skirt but to fit a larger waist to account for the wrap aspect, then cut a curve to both of the ends, cut the ginormous length of ruffle, then the mammoth task of overlocking all the raw edges until it was all ready to sew together with an elastic waistband, hemmed the bottom (another mammoth task), and hey presto.

flouncy passion

The only downfall is that it’s nearly December now, and I barely got to wear it before it got cold, gargh! :cold_face: Still, it’s something to look forward to wearing once the temps climb back up in Spring :grin:

And lastly I shall leave you with some pictures of the lovely Arwen, invading the photoshoot :heart_eyes:

I’m a bit busy trying to stock up making doggy stuff for Christmas craft fayres atm, but I also have plans to make more clothes before Xmas so I’m sure I’ll be posting more yet :mx_claus: My plans include a black lace skirt with neon yellow underskirt, some festive Santa shorts, a new coat for Arwen, and I’m still trying to decide what to make with a lovely mustard coloured chunky knit I have, a sweater just seems too boring!

Loops xx

P.S. I took my flip flops off during the photos and then forgot about them… can you guess who had a good chomp on them???


Nice skirt and nice shirt, they look great on you!


Twelve metres?? Wow! I love all the ruffles and the pattern! Super cute!


Swirly twirly awesomeness! This skirt is simply joyous! It’s so nice to see you able get your twirl on, too.

It looks like Arwen is coming in hot with some kisses just for me in that penultimate pic and I love it!


Yay for twirling! You must be feeling better!! This skirt looks wonderful on you! All that hard work was worth it!

And hello, Arwen!

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The skirt is super cute and so is Arwen! Look at that adorable mischievous face!!!


Love the twirly ruffles!! That pattern is so playful and summery.

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So fun!

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@RagingSloth I know right, and I overlocked all the hems before basting to gather and then sewing with my sewing machine, I swear if sewing machines could cry… :laughing:

@TheMistressT Lol, Mr Loops actually didn’t want me to twirl as he was convinced I’d bugger over and hurt myself, but yey I’m still alive!! :wink:

@Bunny1kenobi Up and down to be honest, I’m waiting to get a hospital appointment now to see the musculo-skeletal specialist, but hey I’m getting by and as long as I can still sew and snuggle with Arwen then I can’t be too bad!!

@Kwality570 She certainly is mischievous that’s for sure, but we love her, the sneaky little cutie pie!!

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:sparkles: :tada: :sparkles: Congratulations!! This amazing project is one of this week’s featured projects!! :sparkles: :tada: :sparkles:


Oooh thank you so much!! :heart:

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