Flower of the Month Fabric Planner

I posted this on the old site after finishing @kittykill’s flower of the month stitchalong.

it is a gift for our very special and amazing elementary school secretary who is retiring very soon. This woman does so much, is so humble, and is a cherished member of the school and community. She always has a listening ear. She schedules the majority of my days to sub teach. She has a legacy that will be missed. She officially retired Jan 1, so I had to complete the project before school let out for Christmas break (ironically, our last day at the now dead site as well.)

She did not want a quilt or wall hanging, so I decided what better to make for a secretary than a planner with no calendar to fill in?! So, I made each month a page and added a pocket to the back she can put coupons or cards or whatever.

Thank you kittykill for the wonderful stitchalong, for which had me doing embroidery again.Thanks to @SonjaBoo who gave me the lovely floral and fruit fabrics when we met this summer.

As I went about working this project, I set a few rules for myself. Only 4 colors per month (one month does has 5), then I picked the most significant color for the bias edging. I ironed on Pellon stablizer on the backside of each of the embroidered pieces, then sewed right sides together to the flower fabric. I turned right sides out and added the pockets with which I also added stablizer. I added bias edging, then used my grommet too to add 3 grommets to each page. l used fabric monoprints I just received from @jemimah in a monoprint on fabric swap to tie it together.

Now, to bombard with some collages!

The front and side view:


Apr-Sept (Here you will notice I alternate fruit and veggie pockets.)



She sounds like an amazing person, and I’m glad you were able to make something that is so special and which I’m certain she will love to use. All the pages look so amazing, and the embroideries are perfect :smiley:


What a dejavu moment for me…I was just over at the dead place and found this exact same project and was looking at it because I had missed it…and wow…I get to see here as well…

It made an impression on me for sure…it is unique and carefully planned out…I just know it was a cherished gift.


Oh, thank you so much. That really means a lot to me…

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I love this - such a thoughtful, beautiful gift!!


Really lovely gift. :four_leaf_clover:


It’s so impressive, an entire year of love and then some!


Thank you. I hope she gets joy every time she sees it.

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This is so lovely!


Thank you so much.

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Such a thoughtful gift to be treasured. Lovely embroidery and pages.

This is a wonderful gift. I love the fabrics and the gorgeous embroidery!

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Amazing! Makes me want to finish mine!

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What a wonderful gift! Kudos to you for finishing each month too! I think I got February done :rofl:

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