For Science! Aperture Science patch

One of my favorite video games is Portal! I have, what I consider, very little in the way of neat Portal things so decided to make myself something!

This is polyester thread on recycled plastic “felt” fabric. I used heavy, sew-in interfacing because if it didn’t come out, I had very little water soluble interfacing left.

It is about 3 inches in diameter.


I don’t know from Portal but this is really nifty!

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I love when things are from a fandom but don’t scream that fandom. It’s more special that way. This is awesome!


Wikipedia has a nice synposis: Portal (video game) - Wikipedia

ME TOO!! thanks :slight_smile:


This came out awesome! I’ve never played Portal but I used to watch my son play. That computer “character” is hysterical!

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It came out great!

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she is! She works for Valve - the game studio that made Portal! She was also in Pacific Rim - 'cause Del Torro is a SUPER NERD!