Forgotten Dollies

The girl has been destashing her little kid stuff & handed over these 2 dollies I completely forgot I crocheted for her. Perfect timing for a last minute bday invitation today. Bonus rainbows sprinkled about by the window suncatchers :rainbow:

Adorable little button noses. They are naked but oh well, arenโ€™t we all?

No pattern but I do remember being inspired by curly hair on, I think, an Annie doll on c-ster. Anybody happen to remember that project?


Very sweet dollies!

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So sweet! And nice to hear theyโ€™re on their way to a new, loving home.

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Itโ€™s very cool to see the love paid forward. :two_hearts:

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Yup. That was me, @Magpie. Let me dig up a picture.



Wonderful! Obviously made an impact on me, I just love that HAIR!

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Thank you! Iโ€™m glad to hear your cute dolls will have a new playmate.


Oh neat! Iโ€™d have fun making clothes for these!

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