Found Words Art

You might have seen two of these before, in the ‘Snapshot - What are you working on’ thread, but I decided they needed a thread of their own.

I’m finally using some of the words I so happily cut out of old magazines and junk mail (I might be a little addicted to cutting out words…, I find it very relaxing).
I call it ‘Found Words’ or ‘Found Words Art’.

The background were blank labels I painted with acrylic paints and glued onto blank cards (I saw this on LC, but didn’t see/read the tutorial). That turned out a bit of a failure, since the moisture in the paint dissolved the glue of the labels (the labels were probably too old, from way back in the office). So, I decided to scan them and keep them on my pc. Now I can print them when I need them for backgrounds.
Happy rescue!

I pick some random words and then add some chosen words, so the text makes more sense (to me at least, LOL).

(For those of you who read Dutch.)

@megwell, I made these next two using only the magazine pages / junk mail you sent me. I like the extra challenge.

This time I altered the colors of the backgrounds before I printed them.

I can understand if it is all just gibberish to you.

Also: I started making animated GIFs of them for my Blog (they get smaller and smaller on a grey background, then bigger and bigger again, until they stay on screen long enough to read them, and then they get smaller again, etc.)

I hope you like them!


Love these! Great idea to use magazine words :capital_abcd:

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Thanks, @eyeris !

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They’ve very striking visually and then have a (literal) message to boot!


Love them!

“Real boring men” :laughing: :+1:t2:


These are so fun!


Thank you, @TheMistressT, @megwell and @Serenity !

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Ha! The “real boring men” one is funny!

This is a cool idea!

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