Garden Thief Marquee Sign

This morning I woke to find all of our carrots missing! The h*ck? Then when I let Delia out for her morning constitutional, I noticed this on our porch steps.


How… oh, there’s another in the yard!


And another just over the fence in the forest!


Wait just a h*ckin minute! Who’s that out on that stump?


And are those MY CARROTS in its mouth!? The nerve.


I guess I should be grateful it didn’t get into the toilet paper.


I love this so much!

LOVE! :orange_heart:

Very lucky it didn’t steal your TP! Looks a bit chilly for that rabbit, he needs those carrots to fatten up!

How dare that bunny take off with those carrots! RUDE!

He’s taunting you, that cheeky buggar.

It’s almost like the rabbit is taunting you… :laughing:

You’re not wrong! Taunting ANNNNND mocking!

You have very rude bunnies in the country…city bunnies are more direct and to the point, but just as mean!

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With all her bling, for sure mocking you!

I am so happy your TP is safe! Bunny better get its life together.

THANKS, everyone!

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Oooh, a fancy bunny! She has two-carrot bling!