Getting Back into ATCs--Star Wars and Sharks

I used to be much more active in the ATC swaps but sort of got burned out on it. I tend to do that…go all gung ho and then fizzle out. Now that I have a more relaxed lifestyle, I can take my time and just enjoy what I want to make. That being said, I decided to join in the ATC swap just as that OTHER place was dying out…thank goodness members would not let it die so we moved to a temporary home.

I made two cards before it was decided to move back “home”.

Theme: Monopoly

Theme: Sharks

Can’t wait until the ongoing swap gets going…I want to send and receive more!


They’re both great, but I especially love the googly eye touch on the shark card! :laughing:

The Yoda-Mr. Monopoly mashup is brilliant; love the mustache.

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Haha these are great. I love yoda with a mustache and google eyes are always great.

These are great, but that shark! so funny! :slight_smile: Love him! :blue_heart:

Google eye shark for the win!

They are both so great and different! I eventually want to make a Monopoly atc gameboard, so Mr. Yoda Monopoly will be a “game piece.”

The shark one is deliciously funny. Ya know, cuz those adjectives to together.

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Hilarious and awesome, not sure which I like more because I love so much on each of them

Those are both so clever!

Mr. Shark is just a leetle hungry! He looks so hopeful. And Yoda with a monocle! :grin:

OH man, I love Wise Money-bags Yoda.

The shark one! Hysterical!

So glad to see that you’re working on ATCs again. Really love the sharky one!

Yrsss… hahahahaha!!! Great ATC!

I was the wonderful recipient of the shark card! It is AMAZING!! I love it!!1


That shark! I needed to see that shark today. It made me smile.

These are awesome. I love Yoda, but the hammerhead’s eyes are the best!

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googly eyes makes everything better… :smiley:


I love the Yoda Monopoly man, such a creative idea!