Gnutmeg, the Advent Gnome

This December, Sarah of Imagined Landscapes had an advent gnome mystery knit along. Every other day was a clue with a fun story, color work charts, recipes, and an ornament pattern for the other days.

I used Knit Picks’ Stroll Tweed for a tweedy gnome. He has some little boots that aren’t showing. I love how he turned out. I really want to make a whole collection of tweedy Christmas gnomes.


What a fun craft along, and cute gnome!

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He’s adorable!

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I love him and your choice to use tweeds! What a fun project, I would also be tempted to make a whole gnome community. Thanks for sharing this source. :slight_smile:

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Gnutmeg with a G!! I love it!

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So cute! He turned out great!

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I already have a little community of all the gnomes available to make. But I do want a tweedy Christmas set to put out.


An advent gnome mystery gift??? So much fun!!!