Going Cold Turkey

I made what I thought was the best turkey for a dinner party, ever! What made it so great was that it was so much FUN to make and what’s more…NO COOKING! Yes, it was just dessert, true, but a really BIG dessert! Nevertheless…no cooking! I had a blast making this.

This is what came to dinner:



I did write up the instructions but don’t know how to include it here.
CORRECTION, I think this’ll work!! Yup! it did! Yaaaaay!!

Also think I should mention that it had blackberries, strawberries, licorice tubes, cherries, different kinds of grapes and two different sizes of marshmallows on the skewers. Hmm hmm hmm!

My INSTRUCTIONS for making this way kewl “COLD TURKEY.”









A turkey after my vegetarian heart! :heart:


This is one impressive turkey! You did a great job! I love the added pineapple tail feathers :smile:.

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This is AWESOME!!

This is my kinda dessert!

Oh my goodness! This is so much fun!

Thanks guys, I not only had a blast making it, but I got to enjoy all the leftovers, too!! I did want to include the instructions on how I made it, but since I couldn’t, I am wondering if I could include them here as separate entries listed below. The instructions are 7 pages plus cover page. I love writing up things like this so I can pass it on. Let me try one page, first:

Oh wait…better idea. I can add them to my original post as a photo-page, copy/paste thingy…duh!! Let me go back and try.

Wow, the most delicious turkey ever. And no heads rolled!

This looks like so much work but turned out amazing. I can just imagine your guests when they saw this. I wouldn’t want to ruin it by eating it!

But you get to eat while you are making it!!! (LOL)!

Definitely can’t argue with that!! TY, Marion!

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Becca, just to add: yes…it was a lotta work but only because it was the first time I ever made one of these. I had to work out a lotta stuff. I wasn’t sure what I needed or wanted, so I bought a bunch of both! Quite expensive! When all was said and done, and the turkey was completed, I realized I didn’t need even 1/4 of what I bought. And so, I learned! Which means next time will not only go faster, but be tons cheaper!
As far as it being a lotta work, not really!! Once I had all the materials on hand and made my choices, AND tested ALL the edibles to see how they reacted to being skewed and how they behaved when left to sit awhile that first time, it must’ve taken me 2 hours to make it all come together. Next time I KNOW it will only be about 20 minutes, tops. Still, 2 hours of having fun is never work! Thanks for stopping by!

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