Grand Teton

Continuing my COVID19 knitting of National Park hats…this one is my favorite so far! I love this stitch and it was sort of a mindless knit. I changed up the colors from the pattern (cream and brown) to something I liked better.

Here is a closeup of the yummy texture…

I did not have any suitable weight yarn in my stash so I did order some online…it took weeks to get here but I knit it in about two days.


Oooh! This is my favorite!

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This is really pretty, the stitch is nice and there colour combo lovely.

Oh it’s so great! :heart_eyes:

I like this one a lot! The green is such a pretty shade! The stitch pattern looks pretty complex, but I’all take your word for it that it’s a mindless knit :wink: It’s patterns like this that make me want to get better at knitting!

My fave, too! Love the green peeking out!

Oooo! Very nice! I think the green and cream still represent the Grand Tetons very nicely, too.

I wonder if anyone has considered one of those knit or crochet bikini tops in this pattern… :crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This may be my favorite one so far. Love the colors.

Oooh… Bikini tops for the win! :smile:

This stitch does look super tricky, but then, I’m not a very good knitter, so…

Thanks again, everyone…I have such weird friends…how does one look at a hat and dive right into bikini top? Y’all are so strange…love you!

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Hehe! Because “Grand Tetons” is the name given by French fur trappers and it means big boobs!


Awesome. Such an unusual hat! Love it.

Congrats! Your Grand Teton hat is one of this week’s featured projects.

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Thanks! It is my favorite one so far!

I have never seen that stitch before and it’s awesome! Great call on switching the color. Love this green!

Thanks! It was a really simple stitch, too! I have enough left over yarn to make a pair of matching mittens.

I’ve never seen that stitch before either. I love the 2 colors.

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