Grandbaby photography

Since I have a new granddaughter I decided to try to learn photography. This has come in handy during covid as we were still able to get pictures done. I am still learning and could use some lighting but here are some of my favorites.


She is so sweet, I love the one with the big bow.

What a great reason to learn a new skill! She’s adorable! I love the variety of expressions you were able to capture, nice job!

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Adorable pics. You have a great model and the lighting looks good to me!

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Lovely. Grand babies are the best thing in the world.

Those are so beautiful. What a treasure! (The baby and the pictures!)

These are wonderful! How can you see pics like this and NOT smile?!?

You have great subject matter to work with! I like the one where she’s holding her little bonnet on while sleeping.

She does take a pretty picture. The most difficult part right now is being quick enough.

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Oh, I bet!

A little angel.

Love the mauve and cream - it gives her a dreamy quality.