Grandma's retreat

I recently moved in with my son’s family to help out with the baby and save money for both of us. Unfortunately, I injured my akle during the move. I had a fracture and five partial to full torn tendons. I needed a comfortable space to put my feet up and still be able to babysit. It is also my baby picture studio for granddaughter, a new hobby.
I bough a new bed but the rest has moved with me.

The first dresser I updated before the move. It was my mothers as a child but in pretty bad shape. I altered it to suit my style. The other dresser was my boyfriends and I finally redid it to match. I also touched up my jewelry box and changed the pulls.


Oh my, I hope you’re feeling better or that it is healing nicely at least! That dresser transformation looks really good, I like the additional swirly bits. Um… gah, what are they called… the decorative hardware. And I like the little bunting above your head. It looks like you have a cozy room :slight_smile:


thanks. It seems to be heeling well. At least one more Dr visit and my 4th xray next week. Hopefully my accident insurance covers some. My granddaughter makes it worth while.


Oh, I’m sure she does!

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Oh man! I hope you are on the mend. You did a great job on the updates!

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Great revamp! I hope you’re healing quickly!


You really turned that dresser around. They look like they were made to go together.
Glad to see you on here again. Hope you heal up quick and I’m glad you get to spend so much quality time with your granddaughter.

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The dressers look great! Your nook looks like a cozy place to hang out. And how lucky you get to see the wee one every day!!

Hope you heal up quickly- that sounds like a pretty painful adventure!

Hey @Ysmeine! I’m sorry to hear about your ankle, but it’s really good to see you dropping in! I have your mandala piece on my wall, and think of you when I pass by. Sending you good vibes for a swift healing!

I love the new, matching coat of paint!