Graveyard Garden

A few of my friends challenged me to 1-use what I had around the house and 2-instead of making a fairy garden, make a spooky graveyard garden.

Challenge accepted! I came up with this. All the plants are from my garden or from trimmings of indoor plants. I had some zombies and tombstones lying around (really, who doesn’t). I think I am going to add some skulls and bones to the soil that is exposed.

the top of the garden

The structure. See…wouldn’t skulls and bones look great?

And because I had a chick and hand left over


You did a great job, makes me wish Halloween was here!

I love it! Happy zombies in their pretty garden. I see no problems here. :grin: :two_hearts:

These are awesome! And you’re right, a few buried bones would look amazing from the sides. The chick and hand one, in spite of its simplicity, feels extra creepy to me,

So cool. It makes me want to start a Halloween craft.

that’s cool!

You’re definitely leaving opportunity on the table by not having stuff visible through the glass. Bones and worms and bugs, oh my!


Definitely this!

But also the tiny extra garden w/ hand is the best. :black_heart:

I think it is just wonderful the things that you have “lying around”. Never in a million years would I have zombies and gravestones to hand for a project like this. What a dull life I have. :laughing: :laughing:

I love it!!

I really love this idea! I think there need to be more haunted fairy gardens :smiley:

Great art work! :heart_eyes:

This is so much fun!

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How did I miss this??? It’s so great! I kind of love that hand poking up from the dirt like that…