Green Arrow Temari

My final temari of 2020, and now I’ll give you (and my fingers) a break!

The pattern is based on ‘Blue Arrows’ from Suess’ Japanese Temari. It uses two colors of kiku herringbone woven together. The stars are the main focus, so the obi belt is pretty simple.

The pattern as-written in the book is a simple-8 division, but the accompanying pictures show the finished ball with a simple-16. The extra dividing lines aren’t necessary to the stitching, but I liked how they looked so I added them in. If I was working on a larger ball, I could have stitched on each of the 16 lines for twice as many points. But that would have been a bit crowded on such a small ball.


Beautiful…and aptly named pattern…it does look like a chrysanthemum!

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This one is my favorite. So pretty!

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Gosh, these are so so cool!!!

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I love these so much. :heart_eyes:

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So verdant and pretty! I keep seeing a stylized succulent in the stars.

I have also just noticed the clear stand you’re photographing on and think it’s a brilliant technique!

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So lovely!

Your symmetry and precision amazes me!

ooh, green! :green_heart: So pretty.