Halloween-ish cowl

Made for the Halloween advent swap. It’s double knit on a loom (I’m not a very good knitter, I’m afraid- the loom is a lifesaver! lol) and features skull beads.

I chose a colorway that I thought was more versatile than traditional Halloween colors, to give a bit more flexibility, it could be worn whenever. And if she wants to go skull-free, it’s just a matter of making sure that the side featuring the skulls is turned toward her neck so that they don’t show.


The colors are so fall and Halloween. Beautiful! It looks so cozy.



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Thanks, guys! The yarn was very smooshie! :heart:

Oooo…I love this!

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It looks so cozy! But then the skulls add just the right amount of spooky.

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Thank you! I think the skulls make it more fun for sure!

This looks so soft and warm, and the secret skulls are brilliant!!

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Thank you!!