Halloween Table Runner

I made this for @Immaculata in the Halloween Advent Swap. She’d mentioned that she didn’t have a lot of Halloween decorations so I tried to hit a couple of specific decorative elements to help add a festive feeling to her home.

I love these fabrics together and wish that I had bought more. I used just about every bit over a couple of different projects to make it count. I am using my partner’s action shots as I did not have enough space to stretch it out and take one myself. lol


I love these fabrics! Beautiful job!

It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the fabrics, I love the vintage vibe and the bright colours. The backing is a felt-like fabric so the table runner stays in place. And there’s matching bunting! That’s in a different place in the house currently but I’m thinking of hanging it over this sideboard.

I’ve never been much of a decorator. I was never home anyway and we owned a random collection of furniture that somehow ended up here. Due to the pandemic, for the first time in my adult life I’m basically always home and due to my grandmother’s passing my house is now full of inherited furniture, all made by my grandfather. I’m finally starting to pay attention to the details now! This sideboard (actually kitchen cupboard) is made by him too, I decided to take it at the very last minute and I don’t have a plan for it yet. But in the mean time, it looks really nice like this!


Oh wow! That is so pretty! I love the fabric.


Awesomely cheerful project. Well done.


It’s amazing how one item can change a room. It looks very festive now. Love those fabrics!


Love it, the fabrics are wonderfullly chosen.

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