Hamburger Rolls for Easy Dinners

With chicken burger patties in the freezer and no rolls to go with, there was only one thing to do - make some more hamburger rolls!
Hamburger rolls 1G

The dough in the process of being machine kneaded (after all the dry ingredients were thoroughly mixed as per recipe). Bowl and hook getting scraped down before continuing kneading. If it doesn’t look like it’s kneading well enough, I’ll turn the speed up a little until the centrifugal force throws the dough off the hook and it gets mixed into a different part of the dough ball.

Hamburger Roll Dough 2G

Kneaded dough covered with cling film about to go into the 50 degree C prewarmed and now turned off, oven for about 30 to 40 mins.

Hamburger rolls proved dough 3G

Proved dough ready to be formed into rolls.

Hamburger rolls 4G

Dough was weighed and divided into equal portions to make 12 hamburger rolls, placed in foil trays (use whatever works for you) and set aside in the 50C prewarmed and turned off oven for about 30 -40 mins again.

Hamburger rolls proved 5G

I forgot to cover them with a weighted tray to get the flat topped and completely square buns I usually make, but they turned out a great shape anyway. Don’t think I will bother flattening them in future.

Hamburger rolls cooked 6G

All done - cooked for about 15 mins as rolls - almost overdid them because I set the timer to 30 mins as I normally would for the bread loaves, but luckily remembered in time that these were smaller and would not need as long.

Had one for dinner but completely forgot to take a photo! There will be others, so maybe I’ll remember then and add it.
These came out so soft inside, with a nice even crumb and a lovely texture. I don’t like my bread overly dark, so these are quite lightly coloured.
This bread recipe freezes well, so some will be going into the freezer for future meals.


There is nothing better than fresh homemade bread!

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Oh, yum! Can almost smell them baking…

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The Chick Pea/ Gram flour gives them a slightly different, yummy with the promise of something different sort of fragrance from a white bread baking.

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