Hand Crocheted Small Rug

So after years of wishing my local Aldi would sell yarn like in other areas of the world, I walked in today and was very surprised to find this yarn!

So I bought two skeins and immediately my fingers began crocheting when I got home. No hook, just gliding the yarn in my hands, index finger hook and all. Slowly my work transformed into a rectangular rug, and just as the last bits were about to be used, I was able to muster up some quick fringe. While small, it’s the perfect size for at the sink while washing my dishes. It feels like a dream to stand on! What do you think?


Nice yarn find…and bonus points for using it immediately instead of stashing them! :slight_smile:

Those colors are great. I’ve never crocheted with just my fingers. I might give it a try.

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It’s so fun when you finally come across something you’ve wanted :smiley:and the colours are amazing, and the fact that you don’t need hooks is awesome. Great that you could finish it all, and now the washed dishes can cuddle with it :smiley:

The yarn looks very squishy and I love your choice of colors. Great job!

So pretty! And I had no idea Aldi sold yarn!

I hadn’t crocheted with my fingers since I was a kid. This was the first time I completed a project without a hook. Idk, the yarn “decided” how it wanted to be made last night I guess lol.


Ooo looks like it has the perfect squish to stand on!

Nice! Love the finger-for-a-hook!

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A rug at the sink makes such a big difference! This looks perfect. So pretty and squishy.

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Looks soft & squishy! Well done.

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I say this all the time! “Listen to the yarn, if you’re really struggling with a project maybe that skein doesn’t want to be that thing…”

The rug is perfect! Love that you worked it up right away and the colors and textures are so pleasing to the eye!