Handmade Journal Swap - September 2020 GALLERY


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:mailbox: = sent
:gift: = received

I totally stole the mailbox and gift emoji idea from @geekgirl and the Happy Mail Swap!


I received my absolutely gorgeous journal from @marionberries
She did an awesome job. The cover is fantastic.

She packaged it in a cigar box. And included a tiny little blank notebook.

Inside the box

The inside covers are covered in crossword paper. I’m not sure if marionberries knew it or not but I love crossword puzzles.

The pages were a good mix of plain And decorated papers and
There were several tuck areas/ pockets full of ephemera
Here are some sample pages.


And I was so busy looking at all the pages I just realized the beads hanging off the cover are paper beads!


I am glad you love it. It almost got stolen by my DW! I love to make journals. They are so satisfying. And thanks to @geekgirl for the cover technique…right back at ya. I have a painter palette creation from you. this was fun to make. I mean, lots of glue and paint! I actually did not realize that I was using your style to create a book for you until later on in the project. but decided that you probably send off most of your creations, so now you have one to keep.


This is a great start to our gallery. Love the book and the covers and the packaging and the mini Ninni stamp!

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That journal is BEAUTIFUL! And so is the one @calluna sent me :heart_eyes: Every page is a work of art. I love rainbows, maximalism, goats, and quotes, which she seamlessly combined to make this. It’s incredible and I’m so excited to add things to it!

I just got back home from vacation/wildfire evacuation. I just have a few things to glue and I’m ready to send out, but to be honest im a little intimidated at the gorgeous work done by such talented people so far :grimacing::heart_eyes:


I’m glad you like it! It was so much fun to make; there was constantly a page drying on my work table all month. And every project is more enjoyable when I get to ask myself, “Where could I put another goat?” :grin: It definitely doesn’t have enough goats (there is no such thing).

Combining vacation and wildfire evacuation sounds like a very bittersweet experience. Glad you’re back and home is still there!

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“Quotes, Notes & Goats” is a fabulous title!
great journal @calluna.

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“These journals are yummy”, said the goat as she munched on the pages! Fabulous work.


:rofl:I really should have done something with a goat eating the pages!!

Thanks, all!


I received from @geekgirl a monsterly journal. The cover is a wonderful collage of ephemera, it’s fun reading all the little bits in the collage, and a BFM Big Friendly Monster challenging me to fill the pages.
It’s full of mostly blank pages, but what pages, sketch and watercolor paper, mixed media and canvas papers, vintage papers, and more. Plus pockets of fun tags and tiny journals.

My watercolors, pens, and colored pencils are just so excited.

And the back…so cute.


So fun! You will have lots of fun creating in this journal!

Love it! Especially that back cover!

Oh that’s brilliant! Well done @geekgirl :smiley: I love the cover, and how there’s a mixture of different papers inside :slight_smile:

@Nicole sent me a mind-blowing journal. I think that’s the wrong word; maybe “seriously mind-enhancing” gets at it better. I haven’t really had themed or project-specific journals, so I threw some ideas onto my sign-up questionnaire without really knowing what they would look like or what I even wanted. Nicole, however, did know!
Two of the ideas I had listed were a) story/character/world-building, and b) a book that looks like it was plucked out of the past…

plus rainbow card! First of all, a GILDED FRAME closure for the journal!?! :heart_eyes: And this technique using corrugated cardboard to have the text follow you…so bloody cool. And the book isn’t even open yet.

Inside, it is all set up to document (whether in writing or artwork) everything about my characters, their lives, their world, etc. Some pages have a clear plastic cover, so I can write on them with dry-erase markers and keep using them!

Plus, there’s another journal built inside of it!

Finally, check out the inside of the cover…

Hand drawn??? Are you kidding me?!? :exploding_head:

This is so perfect, and it has me itching to write again. Now I just have to decide which of the three main stories in my head deserves to be elaborated in this book (I think the style of the book answered that question for me)! Thank you so much!


That is so special!

Nice work @Nicole :smiley:


I’m so glad you like it! I struggled with the construction at one point, which is the point when I would have given up if it was a journal for myself. That’s why I love doing swaps, it’s like built in accountability and a reason to get creative with solutions. :grin: I hope you write some WONDERFUL stories!

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great book! fantastic drawing!

I love Lettuce Crafters’ crazy brains - this is an epic idea. So clever, so well-thought-out, and so well-executed. What a great item. Have fun filling it with stories.

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