Happy, bright and fun stola

I couldn’t resist and started!!!
Here’s an update.

I used yarn of my stash. If this turns out how I envisioned, I will make one with other colours.

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So far it looks quite lovely in those colors…nice ones to go with your personal coloring…that green with the pink is so pretty…

Are you making it up as you go? I just love how the dark blue looks like a flowing river…

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Thanks Linda!

I like the different colours, but maybe it is a bit too much if I also use so many different stitches and flowers. But we will see :wink:

Yes, I am making it up while I work. And unravel it when it doesn’t look good or doesn’t work out.
I am currently working on front post double crochet for 2 stitches and 4 stitches double crochet, that’s why there are so many stitch markers. I love the look of cables, so had to add that.

It is surprisingly fun and easy to do, and no pressure so it is relaxing.

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Only just found this, no idea how I missed it.
The original 1 you pinned is lovely, but yours is looking ace :+1::heart:
Have you got much further on it?

I had a look on your board, then went down the pinterest rabbit hole - have you seen the bags that match the stola? Amazing.

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I haven’t gotten much further, but I will post another pic if I am :grinning:

Oh I have found so many great and amazing free form crochet projects! I don’t think I have seen bags, but I was thinking about making a bag. I love the look of the stola but I am not sure I will wear it. A bag might be a better idea.
I love the shape of such a stola, so I will make a stola anyway haha

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My crochet skills are very rusty, but I could probably manage a wide triangle.
It’s the flowers I find intimidating. How do you make those, they’re so cool!

Good luck!

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I used this:

And I think to use this:

And maybe flowers from Frida’s flowers blanket:


I also have a book with flower patterns in it. I can crochet rows and different stitches but I can’t crochet a flower out of the blue!

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I am doing the Frida blanket…I will tell you that if I can make the flowers, you can! I also have a book of crochet flowers and some of them are ridiculously complex but still easy if you take some time…the problem will be picking out only a few!

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I know I can crochet it when I use a pattern, I can’t see myself doing a flower free form. Which is okay, the flowers available are just so pretty!

I am looking forward to seeing your Frida blanket, it is so beautiful.

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