Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

Can I just say: WOW!

I’m in the midst of a crisis and have no friends or family outside of my personal unit, and my crafting has given me some sense of sanity. I wasn’t truly expecting any replies, so waking up to almost TEN replies and messages was nearly overwhelming. I’m beyond moved by your warm welcome. So a sincere thank you for the digital happy mail!

Also, I included the story of my username in my profile information if anyone’s interested. :wink::grin:


HI Everyone! I am behind on my thank you to those I received mail from, and I apologize. I have been truly blessed with Happy Mail in the past two weeks, thank you all so much. It is so much fun to see everyone’s style. So, thank you’s go out to @bugaboo for the beautiful MAY card, @Immaculata for a nice note she wrote in her pretty card, @saintcady for a cute little polka dot card with fun stickers inside! Thank you also to @megwell for the “obsessed” Horse card with fun stars inside, @geekgirl for the most bright and colorful card she created with fun stickers inside, @bluebird sent me my first “June to the Moon” card and it is so cute! @susieoregon sent me a fun card with a very nice note inside, and pressed flowers! They are wonderful, thanks! Plus, a tea bag! and @Magpie I received two cards in the past 2-3 weeks from you! thanks. Your handwritten “Popeye” card with Wimpy on the front is fun and also the letter you sent is great too! I am really truly enjoying this craft along.

I have been thinking about starting a scrap book to keep all these treasures. What are you all doing? I am curious.


I am in the same boat…right now, I have all the cards rubber banded together, but I was also thinking of some sort of “scrap book”…


SAME! I was just considering a scrap book last night. I keep all the cards on my front door, but cycle them out and have been putting them in a folder in my file cabinet. I have an empty book that would work. Hmmmmm…


I am saving stamps to decoupage a box large enough to hold letters and cards, also will decorate some recipe card type dividers for each of you with return addresses and some info about the things you’ve told me about yourself, your likes, family, etc. It’s funny not having a face or physical memory of people but 2 names, user and real. It will help me develop a sense of each individual storing and rereading notes all grouped together I think.

@StationerySandwich this is nuthin’, just you wait. You stumbled onto the best group of humans the internet has to offer and you are about to get showered in incredible mail!


lol I made an address book filed by username…then I put in the real name and address…if any of you change your username, I might have to protest! lol

@StationerySandwich … we have an art journal craftalong that you might want to join when you get a chance…we have ZOOM meetings where we art and chat…loads of fun

Here is the link:Art Journal Craftalong


That totally sounds like my jam! Right now I craft while listening to You Tube videos. Would be way better if the screen talked back! :wink::crazy_face::joy:

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We usually do a Zoom with a video that we are interested in…it is a fun way to learn and to art! I am working on a few junk journals now just to use up some of my stash…it is fun to see how everyone makes things out of throw aways and such…having fun is the best way to honor the process…I do some of the videos over and over…



So true :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sorry I’ve been a bit behind on LC business :stuck_out_tongue: Life interrupted yet again, but at least it’s been a good interruption :slight_smile: Re-arranging/organizing the house. Yesterday’s focus was the craft/office room. I almost have all my craft things moved over from the old craft space (best decision ever was to swap small craft room with the master bedroom! lol). Anyway, I must have been working hard because I slept waaaaay in and I’m a little sore today :stuck_out_tongue: I need to take a car load of donations out today then I’ll be back to working on organizing! I’m getting caught up on LC messages now. If I don’t respond in the next few hours throw a rock at me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Welcome @StationerySandwich :grin: I’ll get you added to the list!

And @Edel I had you on my “special request” list instead of my “active” list… I’ll update that as well :slight_smile:

Small side note for the group… I’ve noticed a few people have joined but haven’t seemed as active. Should I make some kinda list for them as well? Or just leave it as-is? Since this is all for fun I’m leaning towards not changing anything. Since everyone can decide for themselves who they want to send to or not :woman_shrugging: (plus leaving it as is would mean less work for me :wink:)


I would leave it as it is. We’re all probably having busy and less busy phases. I guess if anyone wants to come off the list they can msg you.


I got lovely happy mail from @jemimah today. It was really well timed as it was a tough day. So this was a bright point. Plus look at that bird card, that would bring a smile to anyone’s face, plus some lovely bits and bobs.


Agreed that just leaving as is seems appropriate given this is just for fun and is informal.

I still have a few small things to wrap up for my first round of happy mail but plugging away and it’s coming together.


I see what I did on my end… :woman_facepalming: I mixed @Edel up with @endymion …If anyone needs/wants an address for @endymion let me know (she wasn’t in the right place on my master list). She’s moving and mostly away from LC and sending but would enjoy receiving Happy Mail :heart:


I’ve been busy decorating cards!


I received a sweet card and some adorable stickers from @saintcady! Thank you! :blush:


Another Happy Mail machine!! You are all awesome.

I’m way behind at the moment, but I will progress soon.


I received some lovely May flowers happy mail!

A beautiful dragonfly card from @Bugaboo (So pretty!)

A gorgeous flower card from @photojenn (that paper you used for the flower is wonderful, like tie dye or watercolors).

Notice Pilot is currently awake in the background. He saw a cat an hour ago and is on high alert.

And a cheerful bouquet of poppies from @kittykill.

Thank you for the sunshine on this wet, dreary day! :hearts:


I love Pilot photobombing in the back :joy:

I’ve been making stacks of papers playing around with distress inks and oxides and thought they’d make pretty flowers :slight_smile:


Seeing some beautiful flowers for our May theme!

They are all gorgeous cards…

Pilot looks a bit miffed that you left him out of two of the pics…oh, wait, that would be me…lol


Trust me, he was behind each of those cards. :rofl:

@photojenn - they make fantastic flowers!