Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

Those are all really cute!


Those are adorable cards :heart_eyes:


These cards are so lovely! Gorgeous!


One of my best friends from Germany moved to Ohio about two years ago when she was pregnant with her second child. She had a hard time settling down because she was alone with the two kids most of the time and didn’t know anyone around. Then they moved to Louisiana last year during the pandemic. Ever since she hasn’t made any friends and often feels lonely and misses home. And it makes me sad that there’s so little I can do from far away.
So I thought if anyone of you would like to cheer her up a little by sending a card, feel free to ask me for her address! I think she’d be super happy! Thanks, ladies!


I got a lovely postcard from @bluebird, too! Thank you!!


If anyone wants to send me Happy Mail, I would be thrilled to receive it. We have moved into our new house after a horribly stressful few months. Almost all of my crafting stuff has to remain packed away until we get the place rewired, replumbed, new windows etc. The house is great, but mail from friends would make it homely.

send me, or @Reinikka a message if you want my new address,


I got a postcard from @bluebird and a suspiciously non mushroom card from @Lynx2Lancer yesterday :thinking: (Don’t tell her that it’s ok to ignore the themes :wink: )


A cute little bunny hopped in my mailbox the other day…

Thanks @Lynx2Lancer!


You can add me to the @bluebird postcard club! Thanks, bluebird!


I received one of @Lynx2Lancer 's cute bunnies and a sweet birthday greeting too! Thank you! :blush: :rabbit:


Ok. Here are the cards I received. The mushroom card is from @Reinikka (I love those colors) and the card from @bluebird is not handmade, but too beautiful not to share.

I also received from @Whistlefish and I haven’t opened yet as I am working on a letter for bluebird right now, but absolutely adore the envelope!

I will enjoy reading it this rainy weekend. Thanks for all the love!


This happy mail thing totally works. I had a rough day but was instantly cheered by an envelope of amazing goodies from @bluebird.

There are stickers and paper and stamps and washi tape and a cool paper clip and tiny envelopes and notes and fortunes and a lovely card. :purple_heart::purple_heart: Thank you!


Well, I was going to make Easter Holiday themed cards and ended up making Spring cards instead…figured I better catch up a bit, plus, I felt like writing to a bunch of you!

I took pictures of the wonderful mail I have been receiving during this busy tax season…in no particular order…

First, from @Lynx2Lancer…she sent me a March birthday card and the cutest bunny card! Love how it is cut out and then the background paper is used!

And guess what it is sitting on? I got one of those envelope scoring kits! I can’t wait to use up some calendar pages to make envelopes!

Next up, a cute mushroom card from @Reinikka and a get well/spring card from @susieoregon! Isn’t the bee cute? She also sent me a little card to remind to get some rest!

Then, @bluebird sent me a postcard from Florida with some interesting facts. I also got a flamingo themed card (made by SonjaBoo and now MINE!)…thanks a bunch!

Last, in this bunch, from @Whistlefish…one of her beautiful watercolor cards she printed and
also a get well card…I am certainly feeling better with all of this happy mail!

I still have three pieces to take pictures of, so hang in there @Magpie, @Bunny1kenobi and @SonjaBoo! Thanks so much everybody…

Oh, and here is a sneak peak of some of the spring cards I made…


I think @bluebird is sending us stuff to make more happy mail! I used some of the stickers she sent to me today ! Love those kitty stickers.


Oh! I’m in love with those spring cards!!!

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:Over here crossing my fingers that I’ll be lucky enough to receive one.


Well, I made 18 Spring cards so I think the odds are pretty good… :wink:


@saintcady, you’re welcome! So glad it cheered you up! :blush:

@AIMR, you’re welcome! And those spring cards are beautiful!


Those spring cards are so pretty! Did you paint them? I love that style!

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Yes, they are painted…I did similar ones for the Easter swap…each one is slightly different but I make them in groups of 9…which is one sheet of watercolor paper cut up!

I will show the Easter ones after everyone gets their cards! :slight_smile: The spring ones were sent to random people, not swap partners…so I have a few more to make to cover everyone!


I got a lovely pen pal letter and some extra goodies from @Whistlefish yesterday :slight_smile: I’ll share pictures and write back later, after this grey cloud dissipates over my head :disappointed: