Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

I’m working on my address system now :slight_smile: It’ll be fairly plain for starters, but I may fancy it up later. I just went through all of my PMs and pulled out every address. Then, I need to find my mini stash of address labels from the Christmas card exchange and add any that I don’t already have in my file. I don’t mind hand writing the envelope addresses, but I hate hand writing them in the address book. I wish I had pretty and fancy handwriting skills!

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I never made an official “Hi, I’m Alex!” post so here it is:

Hi, I’m Alex! I live in central Ohio, USA. I’m an RN turned SAHM and a wannabe graphic designer during non-COVID times. I love crafting (mostly cross stitch this past year or so) but I like to dabble in everthing. I also love to read and one of my favorite “genres” seems to be late 1800/early 1900 coming-of-age novels. :rofl: Think Little Women and Anne of Green Gables (but honestly, my favorite L.M. Montgomery series is Emily of New Moon). Sometimes it pains me that I’ll never live in that time period. One way I could pretend I’m in it, though, is to sit down and write some letters so that’s what I’ll do.

I love surprise mail so feel free to ask anyone for my address! Or I would be happy to provide it to you myself!


I’m cutting up my coloring books to decorate envelopes.


@Magpie @Renstar @SonjaBoo @megwell @AIMR Will you all please send me your address? I think I have everyone else’s and I’m going to start sending some happy mail this week!


Rein has my address if anybody wants it. I am also listed on Underthemountain’s google sheet that she prepped at the end of c-ster…

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I’m Eva and I live in Germany with my husband and my two kids. I love sending and receiving cards and whenever I find time also letters (which I have done very rarely since the kids were born). The kids and I make some cards every now and then to send them out to family and friends on several occasion - or just to let someone know we’re thinking of him or her. It’s a simple way of bringing happiness to people I think.
Although I’m not very skilled in paper crafts or scrapbooking I like to try and learn different techniques. So I’m looking forward to work on the themes :slight_smile:


I sent some Birthday mail today :partying_face:



I’m jumping on board :smiley:
Please ask Reinikka for my address, that way I will be surprised by any mail sent to me.

I’m Cindy and live in PEI, the smallest province in Canada. We’ve lived here less than a year, having moved across the country to be closer to our two sons and their families (okay, truth be told, to be closer to our two grand daughters)

I’m at stay-at-home wife who likes to quilt, crochet, dabble in paper crafts and bird watch (mostly to photograph them)

I don’t need anything but if you just can’t resist enclosing something, I am collecting alphabet ATCs and penguin ATCs.


You and I are going to have to surprise each other with bird pictures! I just ordered a much nicer camera and lens, so I am going to get much better pictures!


I received some happy mail from @susieoregon today! Really cool to see your collaged flamingos up close!

I also removed the stamps to use later! Thanks…I am working on a batch to send out to everyone!

Oh, and you will be added to my new artsy address book that was inspired by this craftalong…I love the envelope and the sticker! :slight_smile:


My blank notecards came today! I had such plans for sending out mail and so I will be playing some catch up! YAY!


I received a lovely card from @Lynx2Lancer …one of her bird photos! Thanks…it is lovely!


I also received some happy mail from @Lynx2Lancer!

I’m so jealous of those brightly colored guys, we don’t have cardinals in Oregon! I also love the background paper. So pretty! Thank you.


They are our state bird!

Yes, I agree…the backgrounds are really pretty!


@aimr @susieoregon Thank you!! I just bought more cards and I have more pictures. Now that I have a new camera, I’ll have to order new prints from it, too!

Some of the cardinals we have in our backyard have extraordinarily striking colors – and I am not a fan of red!


Hi everyone!

I’m a little late to joining the group, although I’ve been following along :wink:

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Lauren and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a primary school teacher - Grade 2 this year. I’ve just moved to the Catholic system after working in public education for 15 years - not being a Catholic myself there are some very new things for me! :sweat_smile: I am so lucky to have a large sewing and crafting studio, and enough supplies to last a life time! I love craft swaps and making gifts for those I care about. Tailoring what I make to suit the recipient brings me so much joy!

I just LOVE happy mail and would love to be a part of sending and receiving some :slight_smile: Please PM me for my address if you would like to exchange some mail :slight_smile: I’ll also provide my address to @Reinikka if surprises are more your thing.

I am also looking for some old school penpals, if that’s something you’d be interested in too?

Thanks friends! xx


hey guys, I’m am joining in the fun.
I am not much for writing long letters but I do enjoy sending and receiving happy mail.

I had a lot of fun making Valentine cards so if there is anyone who wants a St. Patricks day card from me, let me know! I plan on working on them this week.


@AIMR @susieoregon @Lynx2Lancer I love cardinals! They are frequent visitors to our bird bath in our back yard. :blush: Have you all seen the rare yellow cardinal? :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone! :slight_smile: I would like to join in too. :blush:

I am from Florida and I enjoy happy mail! :blush: I love birds, art, books, coffee, sparkly/glittery things, keys, Harry Potter, fantasy. I would be happy with anything, but if you would like ideas some things I enjoy are artsy things like ATCs, inchies, decorated envie mail art etc. :slight_smile:


I received some Happy Mail along with my ATC claim from @Whistlefish (look at that stunning penmanship!)

And one of @susieoregon’s flamingos!

I’m feeling seriously spoiled over here :heart:

I’ve been busy with swaps lately and have let my letter writing dwindle… I’ll try to write back to each of you soon!