Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

They are our state bird!

Yes, I agree…the backgrounds are really pretty!


@aimr @susieoregon Thank you!! I just bought more cards and I have more pictures. Now that I have a new camera, I’ll have to order new prints from it, too!

Some of the cardinals we have in our backyard have extraordinarily striking colors – and I am not a fan of red!


Hi everyone!

I’m a little late to joining the group, although I’ve been following along :wink:

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Lauren and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a primary school teacher - Grade 2 this year. I’ve just moved to the Catholic system after working in public education for 15 years - not being a Catholic myself there are some very new things for me! :sweat_smile: I am so lucky to have a large sewing and crafting studio, and enough supplies to last a life time! I love craft swaps and making gifts for those I care about. Tailoring what I make to suit the recipient brings me so much joy!

I just LOVE happy mail and would love to be a part of sending and receiving some :slight_smile: Please PM me for my address if you would like to exchange some mail :slight_smile: I’ll also provide my address to @Reinikka if surprises are more your thing.

I am also looking for some old school penpals, if that’s something you’d be interested in too?

Thanks friends! xx


hey guys, I’m am joining in the fun.
I am not much for writing long letters but I do enjoy sending and receiving happy mail.

I had a lot of fun making Valentine cards so if there is anyone who wants a St. Patricks day card from me, let me know! I plan on working on them this week.


@AIMR @susieoregon @Lynx2Lancer I love cardinals! They are frequent visitors to our bird bath in our back yard. :blush: Have you all seen the rare yellow cardinal? :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone! :slight_smile: I would like to join in too. :blush:

I am from Florida and I enjoy happy mail! :blush: I love birds, art, books, coffee, sparkly/glittery things, keys, Harry Potter, fantasy. I would be happy with anything, but if you would like ideas some things I enjoy are artsy things like ATCs, inchies, decorated envie mail art etc. :slight_smile:


I received some Happy Mail along with my ATC claim from @Whistlefish (look at that stunning penmanship!)

And one of @susieoregon’s flamingos!

I’m feeling seriously spoiled over here :heart:

I’ve been busy with swaps lately and have let my letter writing dwindle… I’ll try to write back to each of you soon!


I sent out some surprise happy mail today, including to someone I hope we will someday see find her way back to hanging out with us here…(@mandykaye I’m looking at you! I hope you’re at the same address.)


:notes:Ohhhhh, here’s the mail that never fails!
It makes me wanna wag my tail!
When it comes I want to wail “Maaaaaaaaail!”:notes:

Does anyone else sing the Blues Clues mail song all the time? I legit still remember it from a kid. I love that dang song.

Anyway, my special occasion for singing this song today: sending out two little tidbits of mail to two lucky people! Who will they be?! Is it coming to you?!


At my first office job, the email system popped up “You have new mail” notifications, and I invariably ended up singing this song.


When I read, “you have mail,” it makes me think of AOL and the Meg Ryan movie You Have Mail.


Lol! That would be me too!


I am obsessed with USPS informed delivery…I wish it were an Alexa skill…maybe I can convince them to go into partnership with Amazon…I would be asking all day long…where is my mail?

Yesterday was a huge delivery day for me…I got four pairs of new shoes, my embroidery floss holders, my Stickii stickers, my yarn subscription, and my new guest room rug and headboard…but only junk mail… :roll_eyes:


@whistlefish sent me this great wintery postcard-a picture she took herself! (It held up perfectly!)

How special-thank you!

I have a creek on my property that looks a lot like this. I should take more scenery pics, too!


What a lovely wintry scene! As cold as those winter days can be, I do love how pretty they look all decorated with their winter finery :slight_smile: I find it very calming to look at.


Yay! I’m glad it held up. I was a bit worried since I have never used a photo as a postcard before. (It’s glued to a piece of thick card stock.) I’m glad to know it’s now an option! I have a whole sheet of postcard stamps that I’m working my way through.


That’s beautiful! I have an idea for postcards but I think I would have to scan them and have it printed for sending :wink: Some time in the future maybe…


I received some flamingo-riffic mail from @susieoregon today! :flamingo: So glad I went out this morning to shovel out the mailbox so the carrier could get to it. Thanks, Susie!


I was thinking… I have quite a lot of “art work” made by my daughter and yesterday I had the idea to turn that into some happy mail :thinking:


Three of four cards I’m sending out today …

Also, I have this “thing” for paper clips of unusual shapes so if you receive an envelope from me and wonder, what’s that??, it will be a paper clip :smiley: