Happy Mail Craftalong 2022, The Year of Colors ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

Welcome @melg78 !


Thank you


Welcome, welcome! :tada: :love_letter: :tada: We are a Happy bunch and quite possibly the happiest & nicest people on the internet :innocent:


Thank you :blush:


I also received from @BeesKnees! Thanks so much!


Kia ora from far away Aotearoa/New Zealand! :kiwi_fruit:

I’m Kirsten, I live in the far north of New Zealand in the Bay of Islands, and I love happy mail.

I enjoy doing all sorts of creative stuff, especially painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, printmaking, and writing. I’m really into arty stuff, literature, and science fiction.

I appreciate all the wonderful mail you lovely people send. If you enjoy including extra bits and pieces, I also like ephemera, bookmarks, ATCs etc.

Since I started working full time again last year, my creative time is a bit limited, so I’m pretty slow with my happy mail. But I do send things eventually! :snail: :love_letter:


I’m so glad we are filling up with all you wonderful people :heart: :heart: :heart:

Just a reminder that this craftalong encompasses all Happy Mail and you can share things you are making and sending to anyone on or off LC :kissing_heart: I, personally, love to see teasers & spoilers & in-progress pictures so please share what you’re making :heart:

Some organizer notes - I’ll be away from my computer for a few days but I’ll update the participants list eventually after I’m back (assuming more people join while I’m gone) :slight_smile:

…we’re going on a vacation to a water park! Little guy know’s we’re going somewhere, but we haven’t told him where and we’re so excited! He LOVES watching water slide videos on You Tube and there was a great deal for going for a few nights in January :partying_face: Who knew we’d be planning a waterpark trip in the winter? :laughing: But it’s inside and heated so why not? :grin:


Great Wolf Lodge? Ours LOOOVVVVED that place, it’s just thrilling!


Have fun!! I’ve been to a day gathering at one of those but never gone to the water park. Hoping to take my grand one day soon.


Yup! I’m excited but I’m sure I’ll come back exhausted! :laughing:


Have a great time @Reinikka !

@Amfkinney Thank you for the happy mail!


I received some beautiful happy mail from @BeesKnees with a pretty tag! Thank you! :blush:


I received from @Amfkinney and @bluebird today. It was some much-needed cheer as I was getting home from the Walmart pickup from hell, so extra thanks, friends!


I received from @bluebird today as well! Thanks!


I also received from @bluebird! Thank you!

@megwell, that was great timing! I’ve had one of those early in the pandemic; enough to give up on that service! Glad you had a pick me up waiting at home!


Thank you @Amfkinney and @Lynx2Lancer for my first Happy Mail of 2022. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve received lots of happy mail over the past couple weeks. I’ve been sick in bed so that’s why I wasn’t able to thank anyone by name.

I hope to start mailing again soon!


I hope you feel better!


Thank you!

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So excited Happy Mail continues!

About me:
Steph or Stephanie I live in upstate NY with my partner J, 3 of my 5 children and 1 crazy dog who just got weighed and is currently hovering around the 85lb mark! My kids are now 31(g), 27(b) (Jan 2022),25(b), 8&8 (b/g). I work as a program/project manager and just changed companies in Nov '21. I love project management because its kind of like organizing which I totally enjoy! I have a background in a lot of things so we’ll just say I don’t work on cars to sum up the list of what I can/have done!
In my crafty artistic space I love to try it all! I started crafting as early as I can remember and still have pieces I made at the tender age of 3/4 yrs old. I pass this on to my kids as well and some do certain craftiness more than others but thats ok!
I love happy mail! I keep 2 strings across my large picture windows in front of my desk for work and I clip up all the happy mail I get o brighten my day. I don’t have a system for rotating it al out the strings just get loaded and every so often I remove items from the back and add more to the top! I am sure my neighbors wonder about whats hanging in these 2 windows but it brings me joy!
Here’s to another year of spreading happiness!!!