Harry Potter Craftalong - Midsummer 2022

Class or Challenge Title: Muggle Studies
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Warm Tone Patchwork Purse
Brief Description: Definitely taking a simple pattern and making it more complicated :slight_smile:
Project Picture:


Thanks everyone!!

@AIMR The blue bowls came from dollar tree and so did the clear shower caps, pouffs, and mesh tubing! I think I got three pouffs and still have some left over after all the jellies, lol!

@MistressJennie that’s a gorgeous quilt block! I love all things Hallowe’en! And I’m hungry for cookies now, lol! Your tea looks so refreshing! It reminds me that I should make the cucumber/ginger/mint water that’s so nice to have when it’s hot. I hope your milk production soars. :upside_down_face:

@fishstix43 I don’t know why, but it really cracks me up that your mannequin is wearing a bra. :stuck_out_tongue: Your bag is soooo lovely!

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House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Ichigo Coupon Pouch
Project Description: I realized that I need to get back to couponing and that the biggest stumbling block for me is not having a good place to keep them. Until now, I’ve been putting them in the shelf of the chalkboard by the door, but I always walk right past them when it’s time to go shopping. I decided that a dedicated pouch would be somewhere to put them as soon as I get them, and then the pouch can go in my bag so I always have them with me. (I bought a new bag, too, lol, but it was <$10, so I don’t feel too guilty.) I made this from fabric lined with felt, then added a snap, and hot glued some lace to the underside of the flap because I didn’t like the unfinished look of the edge from the underside. I’m really happy to have something cute to protect my coupons!
Project Pic: