Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2021

Class or Challenge Title: Divination
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Mustard Ripples Hat
Brief Description: Definitely something to keep me warm in the winter snows we’ve been getting, I knitted this hat with some stash yarn that was gifted to me by a good friend. Because my needles were bigger than the pattern called for, I ended up doing 3 stripes of stockinette instead of the 5 the pattern lists.
Project Picture:


Your hat looks so good! I love mustard color for winter gear, it just brightens up the whole winter mood. (And it looks awesome with your hair color!!)


Awesome AS work! Your completed project has earned you 100 points for your house! :tada: :tada:


A Quick note from the Advanced Studies Examiner Office

As a yearly practice, any advanced studies proposals that are more than 3 years old will be removed from the project log. For 2021, I am removing any proposals proposed in 2017 or prior.

These include:

@jenleahlynn: Arithmancy, December 15, 2017
@rockmygypsysoul: Muggle Studies, September 11, 2017
@J-Kieviet: Alchemy #1, June 3, 2017, CoMC, June 3, 2017
@primrosepetunia: Transfiguration, Option 1, February 21, 2017
@TechnicolorAquahearts: Arithmancy, August 14, 2017, Charms, August 14, 2017

If anyone would like these AS proposals continued/extended, please PM me and let me know! I will reinstate them with a new date.

Thank you!


A new Book Club challenge has been posted!

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@MistressJennie Oh no, feel better! Tailbone bruises are the worst. At least that massive afghan is big enough to give you extra cushioning while working on it. Brilliant foresight.

@AntBee That pattern and color combination is glorious! I’m in awe.

@Trillian This is so cute! That little touch of yellow is so perfect with the doll’s hair.

@Whistlefish Hot damn. Congratulations! How did you not give up and just embroider those little foxes on everything?

@plaidpineapple The perfect cheerful solution for lost chapstick. I love that it could hide in a bigger bag or being its own bag-free self.

@Edel I gasped, I shreaked, I checked for a spontaneous solar eclipse! The perspective and geometric shape is absolutely rad.

@sheepBlue That’s the friendliest hat ever! Winter sunshine for sure.

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Class or Challenge Title: Acid Pops Challenge
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name & Page Link: Sassy Shrooms
Brief Description: I’m really struggling with a new crochet pattern on another project, and after yet another mess of yarn, I made some no-pattern, no counting, do whatever looks funky fungus. Were you thinking they’d be friendly forest finds? Wrong, they are made of sass and chaos.


Class: Apparition
House: Hufflepuff
Project: Itty Bitty Boxy Pouch
Description: Like @plaidpineapple, my tiny pouch also has an inside and outside, and is made using scraps from the recent quilt!


:zap: Headmistress Jennie casts the House Points Charm! :zap:

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@sheepBlue that hat is lovely, I love the colour and shape.

@nettleseed mushrooms! They are brilliant!

@Trillian I can’t get my head around such tiny perfect sewing!

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@trillian ah ha…so this is where you are “hiding” your tiny gems! I love the tiny sewing and knitting…

@sheepblue It warms my heart to see you knitted items…I feel like you went from novice to experienced in such a short time…beautiful, beautiful work…that hat is simply gorgeous.

@nettleseed Mushrooms are high up on my list of “you can make a zillion and I would love them all”…very nice variety and shapes


Class or Challenge Title: Apparition
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Raw Edge Circle Quilt
Brief Description: This cozy quilt top features the colors of a Gryffindor’s robes, black, dark red, and hints of gold.
Project Picture:


Aww thank you! I am definitely still more of a novice than experienced, but I am enjoying the learning process.


@nettleseed love your shrooms that are made of sass and chaos, that made me lol.
@Trillian I adore your tiny pouch. You have a great sense of color coordination.
@MistressJennie Wow, your quilt is amazing.

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Class or Challenge Title: Iron Chef Hogwarts - Red
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Cranberry Upside Down Cake
Brief Description: I had grand plans of making a strawberry spoon cake for this challenge, but after breaking my butt last week, extra errand for ingredients seemed like a bad idea, so I scoured the freezer and came up with the last of my cranberries to use up. A little googling found me this upside down cake recipe. Can’t wait to try a slice after dinner.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Muggle Studies
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Using All Parts of the Chicken
Brief Description: I ordered our groceries for the week, with an eye towards cooking as little as possible. I ordered 2lbs of boneless skinless chicken thighs to make white chili. Kroger texted to ask if they could substitute bone-in, skin-on thighs, and I said no, just skip that item. But they added 6.2lbs of them to my order anyway! What am I supposed to do with that much of something I didn’t want? How about turn it into 3 things: shredded chicken cooked and portioned for 5 dinners, 8.5 pints of bone broth, and a batch of corn muffins made with the rendered schmaltz!
Project Picture:


Wow, that is some substitution :open_mouth:

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Advanced Studies Friday!

I’m still actively avoiding the “winter” season parts. :laughing: But this week I’ve got the cute little bumblebee and flower done and I’m finally getting around the the scrollwork.

The good news is that I’m liking this piece more and more! I think filling in those two little squares really helped for some reason. It brought a lot of it together.

I’ve got a lot of swap crafting to do over the next couple weeks so this will most likely be put on hold until they’re finished.

Show me your Advanced Studies!! How’re they going?!


I love the bee!

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Class or Challenge Title: Book Club Ch 11 & Advanced Studies Update
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Work on the Mega-Afghan
Brief Description: I’m feeling a lot better than I was last week, but I’m still sore from my fall, and the most comfortable place to be is still in the dining room chair where I like to crochet. So I’ve been making more progress on the mega-afghan. In fact yesterday I finished my 19th skein of yarn, meaning I have just 1 left! Plus some ends to weave in from the last 3 or 4 skeins.
Project Picture:
Here’s where I started skein 19, marked with the white stitch marker.

And here’s where skein 19 ended, 6 rows later.


Skein 19?! Isn’t 20 the last one? You’re so close!!