Have a Little Gnome-y Holiday!

I love the holiday ornament swap. Quick easy little ornaments with great themes to choose from.

Here is a fairly typical little hairy gnome with buttons to hold up his/hers long-john’s back vent. He/she is made from the top of a cardboard thread cone. Remember female gnomes also have beards…cool.


She’s so cute.

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clever use of the thread cone. Very cute and the addition of the button for his long johns is adorable.


Aha! A thread cone. Perfect! And now I have a good idea of the size. He/she is super cute!

Maybe 5 to 5.5 tall? I did not measure before sending. She loves her tall cap.

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So stinking cute!

So cute!

I love this!!

So cute and what a great idea to use a thread cone!