Help Me With This Lamp

Ooh, I looked those up. Pretty! It certainly would diffuse the light. Might be tricky getting it into all the crevices. Lalique seem to be a smooth, flat surfaces on the inside.


Yeah, lalique strategically frosted the exterior surface and that would actually probably be easier for application. However, I really can’t leave any of the glass plain, because the place it will go is in my line of sight for most of what I do in that room, and light is one of my main migraine triggers. I love the look of Lalique, but in this case, I think I’d have to make all of it matte enough or my medical considerations that it really wouldn’t wind up looking right. That said, maybe if I frosted the interior to the desired translucency, and then masked off the irises on the outside and applied only a layer or two of the frost on the outside, it would look cool.

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I think that idea sounds gorgeous.
If it were me, I might try frosting the entire inside and adding some translucent tint to the flowers, also on the inside, over the frosting. Like paint the flowers and leaves. It would appear hazy from the outside, it could be quite lovely.
That’s very different from silver or the red and black idea though! Good thing you have 2 of them now, you’ll be able to try out more than one idea and keep your fave. How exciting!

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I’ve considered the idea of tinting the flowers on the inside of the frosted layer so it would be very subtle. Just last night, I made the connection between my very specific yet subconscious mental reference for this reminding me of a Japanese lantern.


I recently browsed through a local online estate auction that had a bunch of antique milk glass novelty Christmas light bulbs like these. I’ve looked at them before, but always opted not to get any because they’re light bulbs rather than ornaments. Not to say that I wouldn’t pick them up if I found them at a thrift store or whatever, but paying a premium from an antique or estate sale just wasn’t something I wanted to do. But now I’ve given some thought to painting one with a subdued reference to this now-obvious reference to see what I think of it. :smiley:

Oh gosh, those are incredibly pretty.