Homage to the Great Conjunction aka Christmas Star

I wanted someway to commemorate the Great Conjunction or “Christmas Star” 2020 and still do something a bit more traditional for the winter season. I found this free pattern on the DMC site, modified it a bit to be able to use what I had on hand, and got in a little Christmas Eve stitching…just in time to hang on my wall through the New Year!

The background fabric is from a stash of whites given to me ages ago…it is stars but they sort of looked like snowflakes…I mixed greens and I had to enlarge the design a bit to fit the wooden hoop.

I am going to journal a sheets of paper and put in a picture on the back so that I will have something to remember this event in 800 more years…


It does look like snow. Very pretty. I like the way the branches drape.

I love this idea and this project. The tree is gorgeous.

Agree-great idea and beautifully executed.

I love that delicate and lonely tree so much!

This is so pretty! It is such a classic design,

So pretty!! This is really perfect.

My son was absolutely obsessed with the Christmas star this year. Extremely cool that you memorialized it.

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Very well-planned and executed. The fabric really does give snow-like vibes, and the branches are a lovely texture!