Home decor and renovation craftalong 2023

:joy: I know someone who writes those movies for a living. He’s amazing!


They do beautiful work. Not sure how we’d remove the finish off our concrete tho. It’s a mess.


I’m not sure you’d have to, I don’t know what your current surface is doing. You might have to rough up the surface with some sandpaper, but this epoxy bonds to everything and fills in gaps. You would probably just need a thin base coat to seal the surface, a colored flood coat, and a topcoat to seal off any pigment (the pigments aren’t food-safe, but the clear coat is).


Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day our builder is going to be here and I really hope he’s going to fix the heating at last! :crossed_fingers: Our house is well insulated now but it’s still mid-November and it’s starting to get chilly!


I am so excited that I get to join you all on this thread soon. After 14 months without a kitchen, utility room, or my craft storage (long, involved story involving spillover from a schizophrenic neighbor who destroyed her condo) the builders will start on Monday! Honestly, the part I’m most excited about is finally getting to put away everything that has been sitting out in my living areas for the past year.


I can imagine your excitement! We lived without a kitchen for only 2 months and I was so glad to have one again.

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Talked to our builder today, and we might be starting the main floor remodel as soon as April! :scream: