I finally made masks

Preparing for the inevitable “wear a mask in public” as we re-open, I finally made masks. (We social distance so well we hardly are within 6 feet of anyone at all right now, although dh wore a sanding mask last week to get groceries.)

I made 8. Two sets for each of us using the tutorial at sweetredpoppy.com.

I did not put any wire in the nose bridge.

Many have reversible fabric choices.

And soccer because we are supposed to be in spring season right now.

Set one:


So 2020 stylish!

Set two:

Phantom of the Opera (or Star Wars…light vs dark) music for the kiddos. (I accidentally cut the music all the same way then ran out so had to mismatch, which made me think of POTO, but they don’t know it.)

Sets 3 and 4 are soccer:

These are the adult size.

These are teen size.

More 2020 stylish!

(I’ll add these to the challenge when I’m on a computer.)

Thanks for looking!


Good job!

I wonder if we should all update our profile picks with masks on so we could recognize each other in public…

What an oddly sad thing, but necessary and probably going to be a way of life for a while!


I really like your fabric choices. The music and soccer ones most of all. Great work!

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You did great, mama! Good for you for tackling it, I know you weren’t exactly excited about this must-do project. I’m working on some now, tweaking patterns etc. I hope you’ll add your thoughts about the pattern and construction to the review topic, it’s so helpful hearing what issues people came up against with all the patterns out there and how they think things can be improved.

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